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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Franciscan Monastery Gardens

This beautiful place is in my aunt and uncle's backyard in Burlington, WI.

I know it may seem weird to see this using the special effects, but I also took regular pictures which did not turn out bright enough to see.  This adds a bit of punch to the details.

It started to thunder just as we were entering the stations of the cross.

I think I would have risked it, but my companions were either afraid of death by lightening strike or sick of me and my camera.  You decide.

Shopping in Lake Geneva

It was a hot and muggy day Saturday, but not TOO hot to enjoy shopping in downtown Lake Geneva.

There were even sidewalk sales!

The shopping here is incredible. Interesting things that one doesn't find just anywhere.

Before we landed here we had gone to three different antique malls.  Two on Friday, and one Saturday morning.

I did find things at the antique venues which happily have joined my collections at home.

THGGM didn't buy a thing.  He found a few, but we have enacted a rule about driving through Chicago with a piece of furniture hanging out of our vehicle.

 Seriously.  You do need to go to Lake Geneva, WI.  It's a lovely place.  I've been here many times, but I've really not seen the actual lake, except for a small bit of it.  THGGM and I tend to bring the rain along with us.  We left Lake Geneva just as a storm was blowing in.
Experiencing a drought?
Call us.
We will bring the rain with us when we come.

Lunch at Simple

If you ever find yourself in Lake Geneva, WI; do stop to eat at Simple.

Don't know the way?  Stop and pick me up, I'll show you how to get there.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Weekend Away

THGGM had Friday off.  We left early in the morning for Wisconsin.

These pictures are from my aunt and uncle's condo.  I love everything that they have in their home.  But of course, I LOVE them even more!

We went to two antique malls on Friday where we found even more treasure.

I took hundreds of pictures, which no longer surprises anyone, so expect me to keep posting, because that's what I do.