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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Winter At the Gardens

Tuesday was Oldest Son's 37th birthday.
He invited me, THGGM, and Broeder to go to Meijer Gardens with him and his lovely wife.
It's amazing how much there was to see and do there, even in the winter.
 All the guys look alike.
I never noticed it more than the day I looked at these pictures.
The big draw at the gardens this time of year are the holiday displays from around the world.
It's a beautiful sight to behold!
My sisters and I came with my mom to see the trees eleven years ago.
It was one of the last things we were all able to do together.
So many memories.
Broeder was most excited to go, but not so much for the trees and displays.
He could not WAIT to see the Venus Fly Traps.
They are very tiny.
Not sure he was all that impressed by them.
There were many large pitcher plants though, which caught my attention.
They also caught water - a lot of water.

But the thing that most grabbed Broeder's attention was the Railway Garden.
We did not go at a busy time, so he was able to enjoy the entire experience to his little heart's content. 
This was an elf, on the American tree.
I have an elf like this.
He just sits on a shelf.
I don't move him around.
It would be dangerous if I did, because I would not remember where I put him.

 Most of our time was spent at the Railway Garden, but after that we got our coats on to venture out into the cold.
Don't disturb them.
They are in jail.
 I do believe a good time was had by all!
Such a good time, that SOMEONE did NOT want to leave.
But, we'll be back.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Today I Made Stuff

My glue gun came out this morning!

These are a few of the things I made with stuff I have lying around the house.

This was made with a piece of wood that was left after THGGM added a padded top to an old wooden box he bought early this year.

I white washed it a bit to lighten it up.

I had the letters (after all, my name is JudY) and a small wreath.
These are lined with some scrapbook paper I've been hoarding for years.

The cookie cutters are from a collection I have built because I cannot pass up a cookie cutter.
 It's been said before, but I'll say it again, it's easy to do this with things around the house when you have a lot of stuff just lying around the house.

Friday, December 01, 2017

This Christmas season I am trying to decorate in a simpler way (i believe this is my motto every year).
I'm not sure I CAN, but I am off to a good start.
So, I'm doing what I enjoy most - creating scenes.
This particular scene was put together using things I already had that were lying around my house.
The base is the top of an old wooden firkin.
The tall green candle had been in a piece of stoneware, but I recently broke that, so it had to go somewhere and ended up here, wrapped in a bit of plaid ribbon, tied with twine.
The trees and tiny pinecones (not sure those show up, they are around the candle base) came from various thrift stores.
The buck, doe, and fawn came from the grand kids box of plastic animals (they're not getting them back!).
It needed a bit ore color, so in went the small red ball which just happened to be on the floor at my feet when I was putting this together.
I love it! Especially when the sun hits it "just so" early in the morning!
May your Christmas season be peaceful and calm in this unsettling world of ours.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

This Weekend

It is Sunday evening, I feel a weekend review coming on!

Friday when THGGM got out of work for the week (at 12:30!) we headed off to Blue Ginger for lunch, did a bit of shopping (i went to michael's!) all while arriving home in time for THGGM to take a nap.

He needed a nap since the oldest four grand kids were coming over later. THGGM chose Field of Dreams for us to watch. Famke and I listened to it, while fixing up the doll room to get it ready for Christmas! Of course, we also made popcorn.  Because I am old, I keep forgetting that Jonge cannot eat popcorn due to having braces, so I was able to scrounge up some cookies for him. 

That was our Friday, and it was lovely.

On Saturday we went to our two favorite thrift stores (of course we did!). At the first one I found the piano book pictured above.  It's "Christmas Songs the World Over", in it I found the music to Christmas in Killarney (i know. nobody cares. but it made me extremely happy in that shallow sort of way that comes over me at times).  The book was ONLY 50 cents, has CHORD SYMBOLS, and Christmas in Killarney is in the key of C which delights me (look, i know i am boring, have odd hobbies, and collect too many things. so?).
At the second thrift store all women's clothing was one dollar. So I took the time to look around for mock turtlenecks, something I never thought I would wear again, but seem to need now since I inadvertently purchased sweaters that have wool in them, and my neck has informed me that wool may NEVER touch it. EVER. Happily I found a red, a black, and a pale green mock turtleneck which means that now I can wear those sweaters (and my neck has thanked me by not turning an itchy shade of red)! As we were heading toward the check-out, I passed a set of shelves I had failed to investigate previously. There, on the very bottom corner shelf (really, it was ALMOST on the floor), I saw a Spode Christmas Tree saucer with a five dollar price tag. I thought that was quite a bit for one saucer, but since I haven't any, I  thought I'd ask (i NEVER ask about anything EVER, but i felt it would also help out the cashier who was being badgered by a shopper about why she wouldn't consider lowering the price on one of those ceramic christmas trees that were so popular 40 some years ago and seem to be popular again). Anyway.., she told me that the five dollar price was for ALL of  them. They came home with me (surprised? of course you aren't!) to join the six cups and one plate that I had slowly gathered over the years. All of them are sweetly nestled together in a glass front cabinet where I may or may not use them over the Christmas season (you do not know. i MIGHT).
After shopping we were hungry. THGGM was craving lunch at Simple, but since all three of the Simple restaurants are in Wisconsin, we didn't think we could make it there in time for lunch. Instead, he remembered Arnie's has a very good tomato soup and whole grain sour dough grilled cheese that would do until we make it back to Simple (sometime next year). Thankfully, that is what we got, and also bought two loaves of their whole grain sour dough bread which is only 10 carbs per slice. They ARE small slices, but when you are eating WASA bread, anything with the same carb count as that but resembles REAL honest to goodness bread is a wonderful thing (it would also be utterly impossible to grill a wasa)!
After lunch, we again returned home for THGGM to nap. This was again necessary as we had evening plans. The high school down the street from us was performing our favorite play, The Curious Savage. Even though it was very cold, rainy, and windy we donned winter attire to trudge through the elements, leaving the car at home (of course, we only had to cross the street and we were in their parking lot, but still. we walked there. we are outdoorsy like that).  The play was WONDERFUL, so glad we went! Had we gone to one of the earlier performances I believe we would still have gone again on Saturday (no, and not because we are boring, although i am, but because it was sooo good. i am sorry you missed it).
Today was a day of rest for us. THGGM and I did do a bit of moving things around here, which was all kinds of exciting, but mostly, we watched snowflakes gently falling while we
rested. And it was GOOD.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mornings At My House

These two delightful children, Hertsje and Broeder, come early for breakfasst three weekday mornings.

After breakfast Broeder found what he was SURE was a disco ball.

These two took turns holding it over their head while dancing their energetic hearts out.

Some might see a styrofoam ball with tiny mirrors glued onto it to make a vase filler.

But truth be told, it's a tiny disco ball which required them to participate in early morning dancing.

They've got moves I've never seen before.

Amazing, really.

Hold that disco ball up high!
When the dance is over, back into the green-depression-glass-cookie-jar-I-found-last-week it goes!


I have book shelves full of books to read, closets filled with age-appropriate toys, and an art room with everything you could ever want for creating.

But a vase filler styrofoam ball with mirrors glued on it was the highlight of the morning.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


No great burst of red leaves this year.

But I am thankful for the color it has!

Our other maple trees are losing leaves that are still green

What a strange autumn this has been.

Oh, and we are experimenting with hanging paned glass windows in our front windows.

Not sure what will stay and what will go, although I'd have to say I like looking out through the many panes.

Slowly Built Collections

I've done a bit of shopping in the past month or so, and happily added a few treasures!

This small collection of Cornishware has grown.

I found the two small bowls that are resting on top of the somewhat larger bowls while antique shopping last week.

My FAVORITE shade of blue!

A few weeks back I came across these two Dutch guys.

I have a pitcher with their likeness on it also.

Not sure where I'm going to put this, but I'll find a place, I always do!
This baby plate was at an antique mall.

I almost didn't get it.

I don't get A LOT of what I find, I promise!

But this plate has a certain charm.
My aunt found this one when we were at Benson Corners Antiques in Wisconsin.

She decided not to get it, so I did!

I have this same child, Baby Bunting, on a different plate, but he's toting a rifle.

This one seems sweeter, somehow.
While we were shopping at Cornerstone, a lovely shop in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin I found the perfect candle for my Sunbonnet Baby candle holder I bought awhile back.

I have two Sunbonnet Girl plates from the same maker, Royal Bayreuth.

That makes three, a TRUE collection!

Right? (please say yes)
Just recently I started seeking out Santas, but only if they have just the right look.

Not TOO jolly, more serious and saintly, I guess.

This Santa looks like the kind who would bring socks, mittens, books and maybe a toy or two.

Not an electronic game in his bag, I am sure.

In a quest for green bottles once a few years ago I found a green prune juice bottle.

Then another.

And last week, ONE MORE!

Another collection!

Yay! (please say YAY!)
Another slow growing collection has been these Arabia children's plates/bowls.

I added one more bowl last week.

Today Hertsje and Broeder had their Cheerios in these!

No good natural light this time of year, and I haven't wanted to use a flash, but the pictures are of animals.
Somewhere, I have another plate that matches these.

I picture THGGM and I eating December breakfasts on these plates.

We probably wont, but it IS what I picture.

They were incredibly inexpensive, so if I find we don't use them, I may just display them, or displace them, which ever comes first.

One just never knows around here.