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Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy Birthday Jonge!

Twelve years ago today Jonge entered this world.
He is such a delightful human being!
If there is anything more amazing than watching a child grow up, I don't know what it is.
I am eternally grateful that he is in this world.

Goodbye 2017, Welcome 2018

Today, in my still rather muddled brain, I've been running a review of sorts.
A review of 2017.
It was a different sort of year than most I can remember, but years are like that. None are the same.
The thing about this one that mostly stands out is it's slightly similar feel to my year ten years ago.
2007 also had so many significant changes that I could barely keep up with it.
It had seemed like I'd just begun to crawl out from that (i'm slow.., i know...) when 2017 roared in and the non-stop spinning started up again.
But life is more about how one responds to what one can't control than it is about wishing things were different.
I never set out to have an over-the-top exciting life anyway.
I've always had more of an affinity to things that seem dull and boring to other people.
The everyday intrigues me.
I'm more interested in routine daily experiences than I am in seeking out something new.
How can something be used in a different way?
What can be made of this?
It occurred to me repeatedly in 2017 that I require massive amounts of calm to function.
I need to sink into the corner of my couch with a cup of coffee for no other reason but to think.
In 2017 a lot of changes happened in my life, most of them totally beyond any control of mine.
One change that I did make was in losing weight.
I knew I had to make significant changes for myself, because conventional methods were not working.
It was hard work. But worth it.
Isn't all of life like that?
Anyway.., so on I go into 2018 expecting more hard work.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Just A Few More Pictures

These five pictures were taken with my better camera, in the living room where the natural light was a touch better.

The young ones were excited.
This may be one of my favorite pictures ever.

My niece and her husband are extremely photogenic.

And adorable. 
More excited young ones.
There were many things I was planning for this day that didn't happen.

Being sick didn't help any with that.

But I supposed there is always next year.
Another Extended family Christmas party is in the books!

Last Christmas Party of the Year

The lighting in our basement is not conducive to picture taking.

The overhead lights are florescent, the walls are bright yellow, and there is just a teeny hint of natural sunlight.

We all look a bit jaundiced.
Add to that the simple reason that a few of us were still not in the pink of health, and a couple of us were missing because of it.

Although you can't see those of us who are missing.

Funny how that works.
I've been sick since last week Tuesday.

But I soldiered on.

Actually, I didn't.

THGGM jumped into action and got things done.
Everyone always pitches in for this party, so it is most definitely a family affair.
I didn't move around much, but I think I managed to get everybody into a picture.
Even sick old me.

I thought I might need proof that I was actually there.


I was.

Someone was also celebrating his birthday-eve.

Time flies.

I could wax on about that, but it flies whether I do or don't.
 It's been a cold and snowy season, so I was especially thrilled that those who live an hour in different directions were still able to get here.

One never knows.

Being from Michigan, we aren't afraid of much, but we also have a healthy respect for the weather.
There is a chance that those who sat closest to me might be experiencing odd visual disturbances because of my use of the flash.
Fleecy throws seemed to be the most common gift, and much appreciated due to the incessant cold.
Do you think it could be another fleece?
My wonderful sisters.

I like to think that in Heaven today my mom nudged my dad and said "Look John! The kids are still getting together for the holiday!"

And my dad said nothing, but he smiled.
 Somebody really liked his new hat and jacket.
The biggest candy bar I ever saw!
There's a slight chance this one is not a fleecy throw.

I think we all had a great time.

I failed to get a picture of the food, but it was plentiful and delicious!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

More from Christmas Day

Just a few more pictures from our Christmas Day!

I became incredibly tired on Tuesday.
Thought the day had just worn me out.
But, NO!
I caught whatever it is that's been going around.
Tomorrow is our extended family Christmas party.
Here's hoping I'm all better by tomorrow!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Brunch

Christmas Brunch is always the same:

Cherry Roll -
Blueberry Muffins -
Ham, Broccoli, and Cheddar Quiche -
Green Chili and Pepper Jack Cheese Quiche -
Cheesy Hash Browns with Bacon -
Sausages -

Brunch before presents.
It's the only way to get these guys to eat!

Not Dreaming,

This year we did not have to DREAM of a White Christmas, it was a reality!

Our Christmas starts with brunch in the late morning,

The weather was more than a wee bit on the treacherous side.

I'm so thankful that everyone lives close enough to make it here for Christmas.

That said, the driving was not good.  Not good at all.
Depending on which minute your arrived here, the conditions varied.
There IS something about snow on Christmas Day that feels festive and right.

Even though it also feels bitingly cold.
We have all arrived and are ready to dig into breakfast!

The menu does not vary.

Which means I don't have to think about it, just do it.

This year I had Christmas Eve day to prep EVERYTHING.

What a difference THAT made!

Last year on the week of Christmas our stove quit working.  It ended up being an electrical problem causing a snap, Crackle, and POP which could easily have burn the house down.

We managed somehow to have Christmas Brunch by using a large toaster oven and crock pots.

Compared to that, this year's brunch was a breeze!  Nothing makes you more thankful for what you had than not having it!