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Thursday, January 03, 2019

A Current Interpretation

At our Christmas party on Sunday I took a picture of these three boys playing a game on a Switch.  While THGGM was looking at the pictures the next day he pointed out to me that this picture reminded him of the one hanging over our piano.
I could not have posed them like this if I had tried!
The picture of the three boys seems like a 2018 (it was still 2018 when i took the picture) interpretation of this one by Walter Firle.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

On the afternoon of New Year's Eve THGGM became ill.
He spent the next 24 hours in the basement (where he is quite comfortable and has all of his comforts) while I hosted four of the grandchildren for New Year's Eve while their parents went out for dinner with friends.
I had a WONDERFUL time.  They seemed to also, but it's hard to tell.  Two of them got to attend a Griffin's hockey game, and two of them watched The Little Rascals movie with me! 
Of course, since we had all been together the day before, and now THGGM is ill, I sent everyone to bed (all but feintje made it past midnight.  he made it to 11:30 which i thought admirable for a seven year old) with a "just in case" bowl.   Thank goodness no one had to use it!  Yay!
Not only is it New Year's Day, it is also Jonge's 13th birthday!  I do not know how this could possibly be true, but it is.
As you can see, he looks much older than 13, and has for some time.
He of course does not enjoy my taking pictures of him, but since his eyes happened to be closed he did not know. 
No one got up until after 8:30, which was lovely, and we feasted on a breakfast of sausages, orange cinnamon rolls (the kind you bust out of a can), and cheesy omelettes, which they insisted were better when covered in pancake syrup.  We also had sparkling grape juice left from our midnight toast to the New Year (although quietly, so as not to wake the sleeping feintje). 
The rest of the morning they all found something to entertain themselves.  The Lego game for the less sleep deprived Feintje,
who does look considerably perkier than the rest of us!
Famke is still an "arts and crabs" girl, so she got out the things that interested her.
Jonge watched birthday messages pour in from friends and family.
 Kado did quite a bit of drawing, but I didn't get pictures of him while that was happening.
Here are some of their drawings which they kindly left behind for me, who misses making things on Mondays and even Tuesdays.

THGGM ascended the basements stairs later this afternoon after everything here was back to normal.  He said he feels much better but is incredibly tired and achy.
I'm starting to feel a bit "iffy" so am tucking in the first day of 2019.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Season, a Happy New Year and do keep celebrating all the way through Epiphany! 

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Extended Family Christmas Party!

As happens every year, not every family member gets in a picture, but MOST of them did!

Hertsje found my elf!  This excited her, and confused me because I do not move him around.  He always sits on a bench.  Hmm. 

We had TONS of great food, as we always do, but I failed to take any pictures of that.

I believe we had a great time!
 Great Nephew
When the question was asked "Who's ready to open presents?" Hertsje's hand shot up. 
Two members of the family recently had surgery, so we all stayed on the main floor for the opening of presents.
An uncle's lap is GREAT for opening presents!
I asked THGGM what he was looking at so intently, but even he has no idea.
Down South Sister, looking contemplative and peaceful.
In actuality, I took this during the present opening mayhem!
Daughter brought a Santa hat.
THIS is how one gets to be Santa!
My niece, great nephew's mom.
 Another niece and my Up North Sister.
 My pretty good nephew, great nephew's uncle. 
Famke and her dad.  It is also his birthday today!
 Oldest Son, one of the biggest fans of Christmas!

My brother-in-law, who had surgery on Thursday. 

Playing on the switch, after intense hours of putting together Lego gifts!
Hertsje getting a bit of help with her Lego friends set.

At our family party on Christmas day Hertsje was coming down with a bug, and looked so tired.  It was great to see her at her bouncy and bubbly self today!  And, those who caught it from her were looking better too! 

I'll post those pictures later, after I rest up a bit.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Joyous Christmas To You

Greetings from the green of West Michigan!
This morning there were a few snowflakes that dusted the grass, but that's about it as far as a white Christmas goes.  Not that I was dreaming all that intensely of one.  But, snow does help one's mood somewhat.  At least for me.
This has been the first time since I was a child that the Christmas season has not been a blur of busy for me.  This year, all that has been required of me are three family parties this month, a church Christmas program for two of the grandsons, and a Winter concert for one granddaughter.  This is plenty of activity for me.  I host the parties, but everyone contributes, so it is not too tasking. 
The stressful part of the month has at least resulted in something enjoyable!  THGGM and I finally were able to replace a nasty looking (although incredibly endurable!) kitchen floor.  Also, our breeze-way turned wind tunnel has been refitted with new windows and doors.  This has added a great degree of warmth to it, which is a blessing as we must traverse that space to go from the upstairs to the downstairs.  What a difference!  On the other end of that, I sort of miss our winter refrigeration system which came in handy at Christmas time! 
Having turned 60 this year, watching the last of the grandchildren go off to school all day, and realizing I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up has caused me to do much reflecting.  As a child I wanted to be a wife and mother, so I did that.  Then the children grew up.  So, being a grandmother seemed like a viable next step, and that was THE best, but then we all grew older, as one does, and now I'm thinking that what I want to do next is to be an old lady who stays home and reads all the books she longed to read when there was no time for that.  Of course, none of those things that I've done, or still hope to do bring in any income, so I must make decisions that will leave me with enough where-with-all to sit and read.  Mostly, I've just thought a lot about magically becoming independently wealthy which seems to suit me best.  I'll let you know if that ever happens. 
ANYWAY.., this year I also made a visit to the eye doctor.  I have to do that every year to keep an eye on (ooo! a pun!) a few issues.  At this visit I also added to the conversation that I just cannot SEE well anymore.  Everything has become rather dull and a blur (which of course, one may note, pretty much sums up my life).  A few tests were run and in a few weeks I will be having cataract surgery on both eyes.  First the left (from which all i can see is blur) then the right (which seems to be the eye that keeps me from bumping into absolutely everything).  As one can imagine, this has caused all that
I do to be a bit more difficult.  This year I've done much less decorating than usual, as it just isn't as fun when you can't really see what you are doing.  Although in other ways, when we are out at night ALL the lights EVERYWHERE look like twinkling Christmas lights to me, so that's a plus (just say yes, i'm reaching hard for the silver lining here).  Thankfully, I know MANY people who have had this surgery, and they assure me it isn't THAT bad and that I will see so much better - even better than I have since third grade, so I am resting in that.  I've also noticed that those who have needed both eyes done DO always go back and have that second surgery, which brings me a sort of comfort I wouldn't otherwise feel.  I find myself calling out like Bartimaeus, "I want to see Lord!" so I'll be happy to have this done.
Last month I purchased a new laptop, as my old and faithful one had several cracks appear in it which caused it to do wonky things like, for instance, not close.  The one I'm working on now keeps crashing due to a lack of storage space.  Hmm.  I only have about a months worth of pictures on it, and that is all.  So, because of this I am unable to download any pictures from my camera to this computer at this time.  Someday, when I can see better, I will attempt to figure out just what is causing this.
This week we had our very old piano looked at to see if it could be fixed.  It can't.  This will bother me more when I am able to see well enough to read music, but I think we will just keep it in its deplorable internal condition - it isn't like I have perfect pitch anyway, or play for any other reason than that I can.  But, we may be in the market for a nice digital piano in the not so distant future.  Maybe.  After all, I do prefer old and pre-damaged goods. 
Well, I must hurry off and finish my preparations for tomorrow!
And may God bless us, everyone! 

Monday, December 17, 2018

And Basketball Season Is In the Books!

Jonge's basketball team did not win tonight.
This ends a very successful season for the team.
But no championship.
The loss certainly was not because this boy didn't want that ball!
Because he did.
He truly did.
He also fouled out, but that's a matter of opinion.
I don't believe he actually did.
But who am I to argue with a ref? 

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Two Out of Three!

The kitchen floor is finished and we love it!
Although it has been difficult to get a good picture of it.
I do keep trying.
The windows and doors replacement took much longer to have done than the floor! 
The floors were done in a day, the windows and doors took 2 1/2 days.
We could not be more please with those results either!
After the holidays I'll be packing up everything in the living room and dining room to get ready for new carpet!
We've been waiting 11 years for this!
I can't believe it is happening!

Friday, December 07, 2018

Ten Random Thoughts For a Friday Afternoon

Hmm.  For some reason I couldn't add anything else to my post below, so I shall just continue it as Random Thoughts.
On Tuesday THGGM and I spent the afternoon emptying out our kitchen.  When you have a lot of furniture, and I mean A LOT of furniture, it becomes like one of those puzzles that requires you to move every piece around just to get things out of one place and into another.
Now, we COULD just get rid of some furniture, but until we get the floors done, we aren't entirely sure what we will want and what will have to go!
At least that's how we are looking at it now!
Random Thought 1 - Until my art room was recently filled up with furniture from other places, I was working on a few projects of my own.
I found a simple way to stabilize my toilet paper snowman.  I made a couple of slits to the top two pieces, folded an empty paper towel tube and used it to hold all three pieces together.  I did use a little bit of glue on his hat, and added two brown leather button for eyes and a small amount of holiday trim to his hat.
I've thought about adding a few more touches, but I think that might be over-kill.  We shall see.
Random Thought 2 - This was my first attempt with this very large wooden quilt hoop.
These letters seemed too small, so I've since changed them out for large letters out of red and black buffalo check flannel.
Some fake red berries and a different scarf seem to have improved it.
I'm still not sure.
And, I can't get to it today, so.., I'm thinking about what else it needs.
Random Thought 3 - I've been doing some Christmas reading.  Last year I found a couple of authors from Maine that I really liked.  I've been using Abebooks.com, as it seems that anything you could possibly want is available there.  I'm gathering a bunch of books to read this winter, hoping I get to them all, eventually.
Random Thought 4 - Yesterday we left home as soon as THGGM got done with work at 12:30.  We went to Arnie's for lunch and then on to an eye doctor's appointment.  Lately, I have had great difficulty seeing much of anything, so I thought I'd better go, instead of waiting until it was time for new glasses.  I warned THGGM that there was this one time I took my parents to this eye doctor, and left FOUR HOURS later.  As I recall, they missed a wedding that day.  ANYWAY.., we were there for THREE HOURS, so, I guess I shouldn't even mention it.  I left there having found out I will need cataract surgery in both eyes.  This will happen in January.  It also means that I will have to go to that office building SEVEN times in January.  But, I will soldier on.  I really don't WANT to, but I have grown rather accustom to seeing, and think I would be more tempted to use a white cane to whack at people than to navigate.  So, there's that.  I also really want to read those books I'm lining up for winter.
Random Thought 5 - It's funny to think that we thought we would have some time to kill between the eye doctor appointment and Jonge's basketball game, but we actually arrived at that a bit late.  SO glad that we went!  This was one of THE most intense games so far.  Jonge played almost the entire game.  At the end of the fourth quarter they were tied, so the game went into over-time.  AND THEY WON!  YAY!
Random Thought 6 - It is incredibly noisy here right now, at 2:51 in the afternoon.  The work started sometime around 9.  I don't know about you, but I do not do well with noise.  Zeke is whining to go out, yet there is no door available to let him out of at the moment.  Presently he is eyeing a window, apparently thinking of breaking out of here and into the backyard.  I just may follow him...
Random Thought 7 - I wish I could tell him it will all be over soon, but, as much as they are getting closer, there is still a ways to go!  Oh, and on Monday?  On Monday we get new doors and windows in our breeze-way!  I am looking forward with GREAT anticipation to that, as our breeze-way becomes an ice box in the winter.  The louvers on two of the windows and both doors no longer close tightly.  I suppose that goes with their age, as they have been faithfully doing their job for sixty-three straight years.  It always makes me laugh when people come into our house to do work and make comments like "that's to be expected in an old house".  This is the NEWEST house we have ever lived it!  Oh well, I guess perspective is everything.  Or not.  Whatever.
Random Thought 8 - You may be thinking that after Monday things will return to normal around here.  Nope.  Not quite yet.  The first week of January we are getting new carpet in our living room/dining room.  This means we will have to play that silly puzzle game AGAIN.  This time it will require the removal of THREE large cabinets FILLED with china, ironstone, and assorted glassware.  That ought to be fun.  Oh, and we shall also have to move out our piano, which has been in the same spot for 11 years now.  THGGM pointed out that he probably should paint behind it while it's out.  Yes.  I kind of think he should.  Didn't know he hadn't.
Random Thought 9 - Our neighbor who helped us out with our kitchen floor on Monday also plays the piano (I don't think there is much he cannot do!).  He knows a guy who may be interested in helping us out with getting our piano tuned and a couple of keys fixed.  Since I only play it for fun, I'm not fussy about perfection, just would like to be able to play it without its out-of-tune-ness making me crazy.  I can't play it now anyway, as I cannot see well enough to read music.  All I can see now are black dots, everywhere.
Random Thought 10 - One last thought.  Last night, as we were moving the last small things out of the kitchen I thought to grab the Keurig and some K-cups.  I put them in the bathroom, which already had Zeke's food and water in it - temporarily.  By this time today I'm starting to think I should have a coffee bar permanently in place in my bathroom closet.  It is convenient.  Really.
Bonus Random Thought -  GOODNESS!  The things you learn in a day listening to two guys sub-contracted by Home Depot to install floors.  I could write another blog post just about that!  But, I won't.  Got to find out what I can do about poor Zeke, who is getting ready to dance the Charleston.  I'm pretty sure if he doesn't get outside soon, there WILL be a pool underneath him - and it won't be the swimming kind - like in "It's A Wonderful Life", if you know what I mean!