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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Something New

This weekend THGGM and I stayed close to home.

No trips to the Lake Michigan shore.

Both of us are sporting cold-like symptoms.

We did manage to go out for dinner in celebration of THGGM's 57th birthday, which was all kinds of fun.

But mostly we sat in our living room together, coughing, sniffling, and looking at paint samples.

This is what we've decided on - the color you see at the top of the picture, which came from one of those tiny sample cans.

This was our FIFTH can.
And for the front entryway, which I don't believe that anyone has ever entered from the outside as our driveway and garage are on a different street, this lovely blue!

Thankfully, the blue only took two sample cans for us to decide.

So, now we have a fall/winter project.

This time, I think we shall also paint this door.  On the outside it is a bright orange.  I'm thinking we shall paint the inside the same color as the living room.


This is what we did with our weekend.

Oh, wait.  Actually this is what THGGM did while I sat on the couch coughing.

Because that is what I do.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An Ordinary Monday

Pake brought home Tootsie Pops for an after school treat!
Can you say "sticky"?
This boy.  This face.  My Broeder.
They tell me that Monday is the last warm day for awhile.
I'm fine with that.
We shall just put on sweatshirts, and maybe shoes.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Grand Haven Again

So, what to do on a lovely warm, cloudy Sunday afternoon in late September?

I packed us a lunch and we drove out Leonard St. again  to Grand Haven.

While we ate, we watched this lovely scene.

Oh, and the picnic tables are gone for the season.  So sad.

The water was quite choppy today.

But we did get to see a large ship make its way down the channel and into Lake Michigan.

That is always fun to see!
The waves were beginning to splash over the south side of the pier, so we did not walk farther than the light, and stayed to the north side as much as possible.
See what I mean?

And it IS slippery when wet.

Friday, September 25, 2015


On Wednesday the weather was extremely summer-like so we all headed out to the backyard.
Feintsje, Hertsje, and Broeder were deeply into playing house when Hertsje and Broeder's mommy came back from work.

As you would imagine, Hertsje and Broeder were THRILLED to see their mommy.

But Feintsje was STILL playing house.

If these pictures do not look like a man waiting for a woman and child to finish what they are doing and return to the plan, I don't know what does.

This boy takes his role as the dad VERY seriously.

He even LOOKS older when he is being the dad.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Monday Funday

Hmm.  We did not make things on this Monday, unless one counts the block towers.  Much time was spent on those.
Then these two decided that the best means of communication between the two of them would be the block telephone.

They talked about things I have never heard them talk about before.  Like feelings, and who is mean to them, and deep things like that.
 Then Broeder woke up and off we went into the backyard for running, racing, bubble blowing, and jumping on the little trampoline.  Why is Broeder crying, you may wonder?  He is angry at me because I would not let him play in the muddy disgusting rain water that accumulated in the turned over swimming pool.  Poor boy.  He seems to think that my life consists of one giant attempt to thwart his fun.  Which, I might add, if you understood his idea of fun, it sort of is.

And now for bonus points - which way is the dog facing?  It's MY dog, and yet it took me a few seconds to figure out which end was which.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sunday Dinner

Please note the name of the restaurant  pictured above.  That is were we ate.  We had the baked ziti, and split tiramisu for dessert.

This restaurant is in the old Story and Clark Piano factory, an exceptionally charming venue for small shops and restaurants.  
THGGM really wanted to eat here, and was trying to tell me which Grand Haven restaurant it was.

But he could not remember the name.

We have gotten old and forgetful.

This is how we came to it.

He began with: "Remember that Italian restaurant, we ate there with Yvonne and Tony last summer, we had the really good pasta, I think it's name is a mushroom.  You know, the giant kind of mushroom that you can use instead of a hamburger?"

After a loooong thoughtful pause as I try to remember, "Portobello"?

Him:  "Yes!  Let's go there!"  And so we did.

The Weekend

 Well would you just look at where we returned to.
This time it wasn't quite so rough, so we walked the pier.

At least not if one stayed to the north side of it.
It was warm and sunny.

Just like this guy.
I'd like to make this a weekly event.

Right up until there is too much snow.

This time we even went out for dinner.

And didn't do a lick of antique shopping.

One might even take this to mean that we are experiencing growth.

One would be wrong though.

We remain ever-so-much ourselves.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Being Thomas

Last weekend I found a few delightful things while thrift shopping, but the best of all (at least for three people that i know) was this Thomas costume!

 Feintsje had a great time helping his cousins put the costume on.
 And the cousins liked having his help.

By the end of the day they had all spent a nice amount of time being Thomas.

You know, useful, and all of that.