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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday of Our Vacation Week

I haven't been quick with pictures and postings.
It has been such a different summer here that I have not yet quite figured out what this summer looked like.
But, now it's over, which seems like a good time for me to do some more posting.

Our Sunday at the cottage was another WILD water day.

That is Jonge.
He's a great kid, but the wind and the waves do not obey him.
There were plenty of videos I took, but the WIND was soooo LOUD!

Strangely, this was only along the lake shore.

At the cottage, there was not much wind at all, and it was very pleasant!
 This was another STAY OUT OF THE WATER day.

THGGM and I sat on the deck and commented to each other that our entire family was in that lake.

Quite the rebels, apparently.

Yes, I still occasionally long for the days when I could throw them all into a play pen and view them like this.

But, I can't.

So I pray.

Oh look!
They all lived!
Feintje reminds me so much of my dad.
They have very similar personalities and ways of accomplishing things.
Earlier in the day I had said to one of my kids that I wonder if there isn't just a little bit of my dad in this boy he never met. 
Then, only hours later, Hertsje pointed out that I hadn't yet spilled coffee on my shirt (these kids KNOW me!).  Immediately after she said that, I spilled food on my shirt.  Feintje looked at me and said, "That's okay.  Just tell them you are saving it for later."  My dad said that ALL THE TIME!
And also like my dad, this one doesn't do anything without intense thought about what would be the best way.
Orderly, logically, and it must make sense to him.
Not sure either of them have ever said "whatever".
And Sunday was another day of no beach to be found.
The first two sunset weren't overly amazing, yet still pretty.
Not a boat to be seen, which is an odd sight on a weekend at Lake Michigan in the summer.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Vacation Week

Two weeks ago we arrived at a cottage on Lake Michigan for our family vacation.

This is the fourth time we have stayed here.

Every time we've gone we've experienced different weather and lake conditions.

Lake Michigan is FULL of surprises!
For the first part of our week, there was NO beach to speak of.

The lake was right there at the bottom of the steps!
 And it was WILD.
 So, no going into the water.

Of course, there were games to play!

This one is called Kubb, or Viking Chess.
They've gotten pretty good at it too.
And there was technology.

They ALL do love that!
Night One was a cool and windy sunset.
Still beautiful though.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

And There Were Birthdays

Five of us in the family had birthdays in June!
For a few of them we waited until July to celebrate.
June is a crazy-busy month, isn't it?
Some of the party guests truly thrilled to the delight of bubble blowing!
There were gifts and happiness.
 Even happiness from the older members of the celebrants family.

I did not get pictures of the food, but it was phenomenal.  Son-in-law knows his way around a grill.

And the cake?!  To die from!  I had a piece.  Truly, I speak truth.

I'm shall be eating extremely low carb this coming week in hopes of staying alive (and now that song is stuck in my head).
These two.

Wonderful parents and hosts!

To birthdays!

(and to regrets that i didn't get pictures of everyone else's birthdays.)

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Independence Day Breakfast

It was hot and muggy at 9:00 am already!
But it is our annual July 4th breakfast, so we soldiered on.
I'm not sure if the reason our menu never varies much is due to our being traditional people, the simple fact that we LIKE this menu, or if it is all because I am bone-numbingly boring when it comes to food.
Our menu:
A lot of delicious fresh fruit
Blueberry muffins
Ham and broccoli quiches
Yogurt parfaits with homemade granola and homemade strawberry jam

Why mess with perfection?!

It wasn't TOO hot, if you could grab a bit of shade.
 No complaints at all with this menu!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day Picnic Up North

All of us who were able gathered at my Sister and Brother-in-law's lovely home up north.

They have lilacs! 

The boys had a great time playing baseball together.
It takes concentration to be a great pitcher!
For some reason (my mind is slipping?) I did not get a picture of the enormous amount of delicious food we had.

Oh, my.

What with it being my and THGGM's 41st anniversary today, I pretended that I did not have diabetes and ate like there was no tomorrow.

 This deck always makes me feel like I'm in a tree house. 

I love it. 

At my house I would have to sit on my roof to get that same effect. 

It would be difficult to balance my plate of food up there. 
 The baseball game lasted a loooong time.
 Not much of it looked organized to me, but these three had fun!
And there is a lot of room to roam, for those not playing a game of some sort. 
Pretty views everywhere.
This game is called Cockroach Poker.

Seems to be a family favorite.
Or maybe it's just gathering as a family that is the favorite.

And how GREAT it was to just be OUTSIDE.

May 27, and it is finally feeling like winter may be done.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Mothers Day Weekend

Daughter and Son-in-law had all of us over to celebrate Mothers Day on Saturday.

It was delightful!

Since I did not host, I made my own chalkboard decor, because I'm odd like that.
Our main courses were beef tacos and chicken frajitas, which as always, were sooooo good!

Famke made the stuffed strawberries, and THGGM made Lemon Fruit Pizza dessert. 

I could hardly move after I ate. 
Some of us watched the Detroit Tigers win.
Thankfully for Daughter-in-law, Son-in-law, and myself, allowances are always made for the introverts among us who cannot be nonstop-socially-interactive without recharging.
There were also games!

These guys played Cockroach Poker.
I learn something new every time I am with any of these, my people.
I've passed on the knowledge my mother passed on to me to my daughter.

Mother's with children at home don't really get to celebrate Mothers Day for themselves.

You have to wait until you're really old for that.

At least that's what my mom always said (kinda-sorta).

Well, just so you know, I had a WONDERFUL weekend.., so apparently.., I am really old. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Poor Boy

So on Friday Youngest Son sent me these pictures of Broeder.
While at school, he tripped over a cord.
No concussion, just a nasty gash on the forehead.
Eight stitches and a popsicle later, all was well.

Please do note that after the video I posted below, this boy popped right up and continued on with his day.  But a simple trip over a cord lands him in the ER.

Life is weird like that sometimes.

So glad our boy is doing fine!