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Sunday, May 22, 2016

In My World, It Is Officially Summer!

Last night THGGM decided it was as good a night as any to take a drive to Grand Haven.

He was correct.  It was.

We took the Leonard St. way, which is truly the only way to go.  Such incredible scenery.

Hardly any traffic, but quite a few deer and one very large bird that I couldn't identify because it was actually horrifyingly close to our windshield.  Do turkeys fly?

As we turned down the road to head to the pier it was in the mid-70's.  In the parking lot at the beach it was 60. Much cooler on the pier, so yes, it was the PERFECT day to be walking there.  I'm a fan of cooler temperatures.


Everything smelled amazing.
And there was ice cream.

Which, to me, makes it officially summer.

Now this is one big dog!

Here we are.  Enjoying the perfect Saturday evening before everyone else realizes it's summer and it gets too crowded for me.  THGGM doesn't mind crowds.  He's weird that way.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Race Day!

Daughter and the two oldest grand kids ran in a color run today!  This was the first 5K for both Jonge and Famke.  They LOVED it!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's That Time of Year

Two baseball games this week, and in BOTH of them, Feintsje had the extreme excitement of throwing a foul ball back to the coach.  Life doesn't get better than that when you are a four year old baseball fan.
 Jonge is having a good season so far.  Two wins and one loss.  But even the loss was a GREAT game.  It's a talented team that plays well together.  Can't ask for more than that!
Our happy baseball player on the left.
To be perfectly honest, I'd be just as happy sitting at the ballpark watching the sky.  But what a bonus to be able to watch Jonge develop as a ballplayer. a team come together in an encouraging way, and families enjoying each other.
Oh, and remember last Saturday when we sat through rainy, cold, windy weather?  Did anyone get sick, you may ask?  Yes.  THGGM did.  The one whose feet were nice and dry, had on a winter coat, fur lined leather gloves, and was under a warm blanket.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


It was Hertsje's turn for the trampoline.  Broeder was having none of that.

Long Live the Lowly Dandelion

Um, you know me.., once I start something I just cannot seem to stop. Well that is until I find something else to obsess on. These were so simple and such fun to make! Now to find other uses for them. Hmm.., I could drive THGGM crazy by sticking them all over our yard! He HATES the lowly dandelion. They are among my favorite flowers. Especially when given by someone small with a chubby fist full of them.  Sigh...

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Few More Thrifty Finds

Just a few recent thrift store finds!

A new chair for our American Girl doll.

Fits her perfectly.

This was $2.00, and we used a 20% off punch card too.

I also buy vintage hankies whenever I see them for a dollar.

Besides their intended use, they made great scarves, shawls, aprons, and what have you for our dolls!
And would you look at this!

I found an antique baby bottle at the thrift store!

For under $3.00.

It has two bunnies embossed on the glass.


Today I made yarn and pipe cleaner dandelions.

The baby bottle works wonderfully as a dandelion vase, don't you think?
I found the yarn that I used for these flowers at the thrift store too.

Lately Hertsje has been crazy about dalmations.  So, when I found this book, for under $.50 I had to buy it.  My up north sister came over today and read it to them (this was the scary part).

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Coldest May 14 I Can Remember

The day started out well enough.
THGGM left early in the morning to watch Oldest Son run in his second
River Bank Run.
He came home in time for us to make a quick thrift store stop before we went to Jonge's first baseball game of the season.
I did well at the thrift store.  Two summer shirts AND a nice wooden chair that will work well with our American Girl doll stuff!
Doesn't it look like a lovely day for a baseball game?

 We knew it would be cold, in the low 40's, so we dressed for it.

I even insisted that THGGM buy a nice warm coffee that we could use as hand warmers.
Jonge did well at bat, and also did some great fielding, including snagging this grounder.
Then the wind blew.
And the hail came.
After that it was downright COLD, rainy, and miserable.  
But we are a hardy folk.
We stuck it out.
I told Kado to look around.
This is what love looks like.
Family all huddled together for warmth.
Apparently, this league does not call off games unless there is thunder and lightening.
There wasn't any.
But after a few good innings and a couple of ghastly miserable ones both teams agreed to call it quits.

This was possibly because no one on the field could feel their hands anymore.
I could only imagine.
We had coats, chairs, blankets, umbrellas and a warm drink and all of my extremities were dangerously close to breaking off.
But we won!
As soon as I got home I got out of my wet things and crawled under a quilt.
THGGM kindly brought me hot chocolate.
I finished the book, which was sent to me by a long time blogging friend.
It's SOOO good!  I highly recommend anything by Susan Branch, but this will always be my favorite!
And, it's 11:45 on Saturday night and I am STILL under that quilt.
I just cannot seem to get warm!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

Our Mother's Day celebration in pictures!

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Note Broeder's position on the slide.

THIS is how a seasoned daddy knows that his child badly needs a diaper change.

It was a wonderful Saturday of celebrating the mother's in our family!