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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Last Week Friday Afternoon part 2

 Our last stop on a wonderful vacation, the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive at Sleeping Bear Dunes.

 Beauty, everywhere you look!

 Heed the sign.  If you want to climb a dune, go to the Dune Climb, because the climb up comes FIRST leaving the run down for last.  It also isn't nearly this high.

 I cannot recommend Sleeping Bear Dunes highly enough.  It is such a gorgeous place.

That  pretty much ends our vacation.

The drive home was beautiful, filled with more cherry orchards, farms, corn, corn, and more corn, stunning lake views, deer in fields, deer running across the road, hawks soaring in the sky, and more of the beautiful wind farms.

Sigh.., it all ended too soon...

Last Week Friday Afternoon part 1

 Mid-70's and sunny!

The perfect sort of day for dune climbing.

Jonge and Famke stopped to apply sunscreen before ascending the dune.
 I guarded the footwear.

And they are off!

It looks as if Pake has taken an early lead.
But now it is Jonge in the lead!
Now look who's over the hill!
Pake is in third place.
And on the way down Jonge is in the lead with Famke close behind!
The gap between second and third is widening!

Jonge wins the gold!

Famke takes the silver!

And Pake gets the bronze!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Last Week Friday Morning

One thing we learned on our vacation with Jonge and Famke is that Famke is not a morning person.

Not at all.

But once she knew that SWIMMING in the POOL was happening, she hurried to get ready.

While they were swimming I did my best to pack us up.

Actually, everyone was very self-sufficient so not much was required of me at all.

Why, if I didn't know better, I would have thought I was brought along on this vacation to be the official photographer!  But that's just what I do.

After swimming, loading up the car, and breakfast at Cracker Barrel we headed to the town of Empire on Lake Michigan to spend the rest of the day at Sleeping Bear Dunes.

The visitor center had a lot to see and do.  
 We watched a video about the legend of the Sleeping Bear Dunes and roamed around the visitor center.

They have clean bathrooms with flushing toilets there.  This is good to know if you ever visit there.  Because almost everywhere else they have the hole kind.
I love maps like this!

Now we are informed and ready to take on the Dune Climb!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Last Week Thursday Night

 Our last night was spent playing on the beach while the sun set.
 Different color sky, depending on which direction you looked.

I'm confident that these three had a good time here.  I know that I did!

Last Week Thursday Evening - Pake and Jonge