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Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Story Rocks

 Tonight, after a lovely relaxing weekend, I made some story rocks.
 I believe I first saw this on Pinterest.  But last week I saw some at the artisans market.
 The ones I saw there were lovely.  Little works of art, brightly painted.
 So I bought a bag of rocks at Michael's.  They were 60% off.  I already had the pen.
 Tomorrow I shall try them out.  Time will tell if anyone other than myself is interested in these.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Do You Watch "Peppa Pig"?

"Peppa Pig" is a brilliant preschool-age cartoon out of England.

I had never heard of it before.  Apparently it is on Nick Jr. around dinner time.

THGGM and I have found it on YouTube and have spent a few evenings being entertained by Peppa and her lovely family, Daddy, Mummy, and little brother George.

It has helped us to better understand our grand daugther and her charming command of the queen's English.

Now we know why Hertsje wore a "swimming costume" all summer.

And why she is exceedingly polite, saying "yes, please" while everyone else is saying gimme.

Once I asked her how her diaper was, her response: "not so very well".

It also added to her joy of jumping in "muddy puddles", something that Peppa enjoys doing.

So you can imagine my thrill at finding a pig's nose for our Peppa to wear.  She was delighted with it!

And this is yours truly, being Beppa Pig.
Broeder also likes to pretend that he is George.  He really does. But don't tell our Peppa, as he only wears it when she is napping.

I was able to find Peppa and her family on-line.  Hertsje has the most amazing time playing with them.  Today she handed me the Daddy and Mummy, telling me that I must be "the parents" while she was "the children".  I just cannot say no to that.  (I've been looking all over for George.  He went missing this afternoon.)

Even More Weekend Pictures

 The Grand Haven Pier from the channel side.

The snow fences are already up.

And there were birds.  I do like birds.

More Wonderful Weekend Wanderings

 Now THIS is my kind of weather!
 I could spend all day at the beach were it to always be like this.
 The Grand Haven Pier.  It is beautiful here no matter what the weather.

Wonderful Weekend Wandering West Michigan

 On Monday morning I discovered how to tell that I had an amazing restful weekend.  Look in the dishwasher and find Thursday's CLEAN dishes still in there, and only coffee mugs waiting to be washed.  Yes.  That is how I can tell.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I ENJOY it!
We wandered thrift stores, craft stores, and hardware stores.

 Oh, and a REAL antique store, Depot Antiques in Spring Lake.

Have you been there?

Most places that call themselves antique malls have a mix of junk (no problem here, as I do like junk!), thrift (I like that too!) and vintage-y stuff which now resembles what I received as wedding gifts many long years ago.  But really, there aren't that many antiques around.

See that glass door bookcase?  As I am typing this it is to the left, although I never am quite sure where Blogger will decide to put it.

THGGM would like that.  As he shops, he fills two imaginary homes, one a mansion in East Grand Rapids, and the other a large beach house on Lake Michigan in Holland.

It is his equivalent to fantasy football, I guess.
Anyway, it does make it more fun to shop!

It's also fun to yell across a store that you've found something for the lake house, at least it probably would be, if we wanted to be all pretentious about our imaginary houses.  So far, it hasn't gotten THAT bad.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Johnson Brothers "Autumn's Delight"

Last week at my favorite neighborhood thrift store I found this lovely vintage set of Autumn's Delight dishes (The rest of them are in the big cabinet).

It was 20% off house wears, plus we had a 20% off punch card.

Oh, I DO like these!

About a year ago I bought a roll of wallpaper for a dollar. Thankfully I could remember where I put it!  I added that to the back of the cabinet, not sure if I was going to like it or not, but I have decided that I do!  I DO like it!

And since my decorating style is "Antique Mall Booth", I think I did okay.

The dishes on the bottom shelf are also Johnson Brothers. Those are "Friendly Village" but not vintage.  We learned the hard way that the vintage china has a much sharper image.

Now really truly, I will not buy another pattern of dishes.  Can't say that I won't add to what I already have though.  Nope.  Can't say that.

 And, I still do like the color sketch effect.  Especially how the doilies show up.  Makes me happy!

Friday, September 12, 2014

In My World

Today I am:

WEARING bue jeans and a long-sleeved gold tee shirt.  No socks.
READING Sandra Boynton's new book The Bunny Rabbit Show.  I know some kids who are really going to like this one.
WATCHING the noon news.  Well, I am taping it to watch later so I can skip over the political ads.  I HATE those, and there is not much that I hate.
PLAYING with pictures on my computer.  I need to make a few photo books but have never done this so I'm open to ANY and ALL suggestions.  Feel free to email me your successes and failures.
EATING chicken noodle soup.  It just seems like the kind of day for it.  This will be from a can, but I will doctor it up with frozen peas and a lot of pepper.
DRINKING coffee., with stevia in the raw and too much half and half.  Slowly we are replacing our furniture to match the shade of coffee we drink.  We spill way too much for adults.
WONDERING about a shooting that happened just down the street from us on Tuesday night at 9:45 pm.  I saw several police cars and stepped outside to see what was up.  I couldn't tell.  It wasn't until yesterday that a news item appeared saying that gun shots were fired into a house, with the spray hitting the houses on either side of it.  Not much else has been said about it.  This happened at the half-way point between our house and Youngest Son's family's house.  Ugh.  So.., I won't be walking outside to check on police cars anymore.  No one was injured.
PRAYING for two little children, grandchildren of friends of ours, who are battling leukemia.  One of them for the second time.  It is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, were you aware?
MAKING cards.  Or at least I'm planning too.  If I actually get around to it, you can be sure there will be pictures.
PERUSING Pinterest.  I love how they send me a heads up to "Boards You May Like".  Normally I'm not a fan of my computer blabbing about what I've been doing, but this one is helpful to me.
PLANNING for a calm weekend.  Yes.  That's the plan.  There is much work to be done around here, but it is just going to have to wait.
FEELING blessed!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Broeder and Big Baby

For most of the day he plays with Lego, trucks, and Winnie the Pooh figures.

But then he will find Big Baby in a corner, and it is well known, nobody puts Big Baby in a corner.

There are many smaller babies available to him, but he chooses Big Baby every time.
He loves to give Big Baby kisses too.  And poke at Big Baby's eyes.
Yup.  It's love.