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Monday, September 26, 2016

More Fall Ball

We made it home from the flea market in time to make it to the last half of the second game of Jonge's double header.

The game was played at Riverside Park, along the Grand River on the north side of Grand Rapids.

It is such a beautiful park!

They lost the first game, apparently by quite a bit, and the mode was less than jovial.
But by the second half of the second game, they took the lead and held on to it.

The mood definitely picked up!

And we got to witness some great pitching from this boy.

We certainly did!
Jonge pitched the last two innings of the second game.

Sooo glad we got to witness that!

Lots of pressure, but he is handling it well.
And that was how we spent Sunday afternoon after the antiques flea market.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Allegan Antiques Flea Market

Every month from April to September THGGM and I PLAN to go to Allegan to roam the fair grounds looking for treasure.

This month, it finally worked out and we made it for the last one of this year.

It was the perfect day for it.  Warm and sunny, but not muggy.

Even I couldn't complain.

Because, you know me, not one to complain!

Except of course about humidity, snowy roads, pain, mean people, etc., but REALLY not much at all!
I'm not sure if it was just because I didn't really have anything in mind to scout around for, but I didn't see much that interested me.

There were some very good Fisher Price vintage selections, but I seriously have to cut back on buying those (see post below).  So I took the time to price things if I ever feel the need to sell what I have.

Oldest Son came along with us.  He was looking for Lego, board games, and collectibles that he has interest in.

THGGM had a few things he was hoping to find.
It is also a great place to people watch.

There is always a good turn out.

And for the record, we did NOT have an elephant ear today.
 I found a couple of interesting things, but to be perfectly honest, I still have a rather large amount of interesting things at home that I still haven't done anything with yet.

So I left with a red plaid Thermos to add to my collection, and another small green glass bottle.
 Truly, there IS something for everyone here.

Well, except for Oldest Son.  He didn't buy anything.

But, one really doesn't have to buy anything to have a great time walking around outside on a beautiful Fall afternoon.
THGGM has a project in mind for which he needs three gold picture frames.  He found one while thrift shopping yesterday, and another today that will work perfectly with the first one. Now all he needs is one more!
Such a beautiful setting for a fair grounds, along the Kalamazoo river in the beautiful city of Allegan, MI.

You should go there.

Next year.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Random Thoughts for a Fall Saturday

I truly must confess that for the past week, hardly any of my thoughts have been random.  It would be more in keeping with honesty from me to admit that my thoughts have been incredibly specific this week.  But in keeping with the light and somewhat cheesy tone of my blog, I shall only give you my random thoughts.
1.  Well, it took WEEKS to do, but I think I finally have the majority of THE MAIN FLOOR of my house in order.  There are still a few closets and cupboards that will need to be purged and reorganized, but if you dropped by, I would (okay, i MIGHT) let you in!  And, I may even open up a closet here and there to show you what I have done in those.  Seriously.  I have been busy.
2.  We shall not talk about my rooms in the basement.  The main parts are okay by any one's standards, but my crafting rooms?  Ugh.  I am telling myself that by the end of winter, even that will be done.  Yup.  That's what I'm telling myself.
3.  Today being Saturday, THGGM and I went to the thrift store!  Of course we did.  I did very well too.  I found another very lovely vintage picnic basket for only FOUR DOLLARS.  For that price, it is mine now.  But, mostly I'm looking to rebuild my fall wardrobe on the cheap, and I did nicely in that category too.
4.  And were you to wonder if I am still working to USE UP WHAT I HAVE ON HAND, yes, yes I am!  Yesterday I made a Christmas tree out of wooden spools of green thread.  Hmm.  Maybe I will post a picture.  This is that time of year when I get ideas, make things, and then by Christmas I wonder what on earth I was even thinking.  Do other people do this also?  Or, is it just me?
5.  That reminds me, three months from today will be Christmas Eve.  I'm not kidding here, it seems like Christmas was just last week.  Time flies.
6.  Speaking of flies, there is a rather large one buzzing around in here.  Ugh.  But even worse, my dog seems to have picked up fleas from somewhere.  He never goes anywhere, so it's really weird for him to have them.  I treated him in the spring, even though he hasn't ever had them in the six years that we have owned him.  I am blaming them on the large rabbit in our backyard.  Yes.  That must be it.  It just boggles my mind that a rabbit would take up residence in a yard with a dog!  How stupid are those things?  Apparently, very.
7.  All of the grand kids seem to be fairing well at school.  I'm thankful for this, as I do have some strong feelings against all the testing that goes on these days.  Why can't kids be allowed to think, act, dream, move around, create, and LEARN like kids?  Do NOT even get me started.  I have views on these things.
8.  In my cleaning out and purging of closets, I have left the "toy closet" for last.  The truth is, I'm not ready to face it yet.  I have it on my mental list of things to tackle this coming week.  I have drawers and bins filled to the brim with tinker toys, potato heads, Winnie the Pooh, Lego, Little People, plastic animals, blocks, assorted Happy Meal toys, musical instruments, trucks and cars, games, cards, puzzles - you name it, I probably have it.  BUT, there are still times during the week when there are kids of multiple age groups here.  This makes me want to hang on to it all.  It's just ONE closet (maybe...) and I've been working to add to these categories for over ten years now.  But, to be fair to myself, quite a few heavy boxes have been dropped off at the thrift store.  That should count for SOMETHING!  (please say it does.., please!)
9.  Had I written this post yesterday, I would have added a random thought about how I decorated my house for fall without buying ANYTHING for it.  Until TODAY, I was only using things I already have.  But, today at the thrift store (of course!) I found a clear glass pumpkin with a lid!  I have always wanted one!  I almost passed on it, but I showed it to THGGM, who had also found a few treasures, and he thought I should get it too.  That's all it took!  So, I've always wanted to fill one of these with candy corn and peanuts, a favorite fall treat around here.  Then I thought that since I have diabetes, that would not be wise.  My next idea was to fill it up and GLUE THE LID ON.  That way, it would LOOK like a darling fall decoration, but the sugary bits of it would not be accessible to me. But then I remembered exactly what kind of a person I am, and a little thing like glue wouldn't keep me from it.  It would become my personal pinata and I would smash that thing and just pick around the glassy shards on my way to a certain coma.  I heed the advice of Socrates.  I know myself.
10. Have I mentioned that I love Fall?  I am sooo grateful that it is FINALLY here!  I've been sprinkling cinnamon in my coffee, slicing up apples to dip in peanut butter (i can fool myself into believing that it tastes like a caramel apple) although I am yet longing to pull on jeans and a sweatshirt, that hasn't happened yet.  I hate to wear socks, so there is that
I made this!
to dread.  I know that winter comes next, and I am not a big fan of snow covered roads, but summer was icky hot and I am ready to move on to whatever is next.  Is there an election or something coming up soon?  Yes.  I believe I've heard a thing or two about that.  Yet even so, I LOVE FALL!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday Afternoon

My up-north sister came on Tuesday.
She brought along an activity book that she thought Hertsje might enjoy using when she gets here after her morning preschool.

Hertsje was coloring in it at the dining room table, or so I thought.

I heard her say my name and looked up from loading the dishwasher.

And THIS is what I saw!
(of course, i wasn't taking pictures of myself loading the dishwasher, so this pictures is just a tad bit posed.)
She asked to see THAT picture, which as you can imagine started a fun time for Hertsje, switching out "eye balls" and then looking at herself in the picures!

I do not know what YOU do in the afternoons, but I highly doubt that you have as much fun as I do!  

I Love Fall

It is quite possible that I have mentioned here and there that I LOVE fall.
I truly do.
This morning while looking out my front window I noticed the sun shining on a couple of bright red leaves.
It's happening!  Fall is ALMOST here!
Later in the morning Hertsje and I went outside.
I lifted her up so she could pick this bright red leaf to bring to her preschool teacher.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Just Monday

Hertsje and I had a very good time today.
She is working hard to master the hula hoop.
I found another cardboard suitcase at the thrift store, so we set out to create a house for a few of her favorite dolls.
But then she wanted a pumpkin patch in their yard, and that turned out to be SOO MUCH more fun for her!
I love it when she gets brilliant ideas like this!
But most of the day she spent being a kitty.
This is her, outside, demonstrating for me how a kitty scratches behind its ear.
Then she wanted me to do it.
Much like with the hula hoop, I left it to her to do.
And joy of joys!
The cousins came while she was still here!
And now for a short video clip of Kado, showing his true determination.  Can you tell that I LOVE watching these kids grow up?  Yes.  I sort of thought that you could.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Another Beautiful Weekend Afternoon at the Ballpark!

 What a gorgeous day it was!

Jonge is enjoying this fall season of baseball.

It is more laid back than the spring team.

Seems more like a bunch of guys who love baseball playing baseball and having a wonderful time of it.
He is a strong hitter, and is excellent at pitching too.

He is very humble.
But grandma's can brag, can't they?

He certainly didn't get his talent from me.

Friday, September 16, 2016

On Thursday We Made MORE Things

I knew I had some shape stamps, somewhere, and on Wednesday I found them again!

And guess who else likes to stamp with me?


Famke does too, and she played with these after school, but Hertsje was already gone, and I failed to take pictures of her creations.
Hertsje was MOST proud of this picture.

If you cannot tell, it is Broeder!
 The art critic herself!
She also made these silly friends!

Shapes are fun, in case you don't already know that.