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Monday, May 13, 2019

Mothers Day Weekend

Daughter and Son-in-law had all of us over to celebrate Mothers Day on Saturday.

It was delightful!

Since I did not host, I made my own chalkboard decor, because I'm odd like that.
Our main courses were beef tacos and chicken frajitas, which as always, were sooooo good!

Famke made the stuffed strawberries, and THGGM made Lemon Fruit Pizza dessert. 

I could hardly move after I ate. 
Some of us watched the Detroit Tigers win.
Thankfully for Daughter-in-law, Son-in-law, and myself, allowances are always made for the introverts among us who cannot be nonstop-socially-interactive without recharging.
There were also games!

These guys played Cockroach Poker.
I learn something new every time I am with any of these, my people.
I've passed on the knowledge my mother passed on to me to my daughter.

Mother's with children at home don't really get to celebrate Mothers Day for themselves.

You have to wait until you're really old for that.

At least that's what my mom always said (kinda-sorta).

Well, just so you know, I had a WONDERFUL weekend.., so apparently.., I am really old. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Poor Boy

So on Friday Youngest Son sent me these pictures of Broeder.
While at school, he tripped over a cord.
No concussion, just a nasty gash on the forehead.
Eight stitches and a popsicle later, all was well.

Please do note that after the video I posted below, this boy popped right up and continued on with his day.  But a simple trip over a cord lands him in the ER.

Life is weird like that sometimes.

So glad our boy is doing fine!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Wednesday Fun

Going through my pictures, I found these from the Wednesday before Easter.
Wednesday is Library Day for Hertsje's First Grade class, we get to READ!
Thankfully, these two really enjoy being read to.
Hertsje is a good reader already and Broeder is picking it up quickly.
Ada Twist, Scientist and Rosie Revere, Engineer come HIGHLY endorsed by the three of us!
It looks like there are a few in this series by Andrea Beaty.
Something new for me to keep an eye out for at the thrift store.
Most Wednesdays Broeder spends time paging through his "comics".
That's what he calls the Lego catalog that comes about once a month.
He has a collection of them here.
While he did that, Hertsje exercised her boundless creativity by putting together an Easter basket filled with little wooden pieces I've collected over the years.
We were both quite pleased with her results!
Then, after such a great beginning to our day, they both decided they wanted to dance to the Lego Two movie sound tract.  They were dancing together so sweetly, that I secreted out my camera to get a video of them.  As soon as I turned on my camera THIS happened. 
Thankfully Broeder was fine.  He biffed his face a bit, but it took me much much longer to recover.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Sunday

We are big on tradition over here.
Really though, I do love lining the kids up against the back of our garage to measure their growth!
The rule is, no egg gathering until Beppe get's a picture.
Jonge, at 13, is not about egg hunting anymore, but he did honor my request to be in the picture.
I also assured him he could still have his fair-share of candy.
Some of the uncle's joined in on the fun too.
I'd line up everyone if I thought I could!
Jonge WAS helpful to the other kids.
THGGM worked VERY hard all day Saturday to get the yard ready.
With all the snow last weekend, there really wasn't much time to get it done.
Saturday was a beautiful day, so he put it to good use.
I think they all appreciated it.
I know I did.
It took awhile before anyone realized the hammock was full of eggs.
I never seem to get a picture of everyone, but I don't think that bothers anyone else except for me.
There were more eggs hidden than their buckets could hold.

Some of the eggs were too high.
Hertsje couldn't quite reach those.
Feintsje came to the rescue with his throwing skills and knocked them down for her!
And there was even cake!  Easter/Birthdays combination, decorated by Great Nephew.
Oh, how WONDERFUL to be outside again!
This guy behaved quite well, even though he was not happy with his confinement.

I hope your Easter was great, and also filled with the hope of the season.

He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Just A Bunch of Pictures

Really truly I have been trying to bring a bit of spring into my house.

I saw something like this in an issue of Flea Market Find magazine and knew I needed to do this. 

It does help to have a lot of stuff on hand.

I took this picture last week, and already I've changed things around several times.
For this year, I stuck the bunny under glass with fake greens that I broke off from other arrangements.

That's already been changed up to.

I can't seem to leave stuff alone. 
Then I went searching for other things to put under glass, and came up with this.

It's much harder to do than one would think!

Anyway, I wanted something that could show from three sides.
For some reason, I have an aversion for making anything permanent. 

So I would get things looking how I wanted them, but as soon as I stood it up things would start sliding around.

This will need a bit more work, but by the time I get around to doing it, I might just put it all back where it came from.
Why can't anything be as easy as I think it should be?

Then Sunday happened, and spring flew right out the window. 

Even though I am sooo over snow, I have to admit that Sunday was a beautiful day, for those of us who got to stay in and just observe Mother Nature's flipping mood changes.
How could I say no to Steenstra's Santa Claus Cookies, coffee, and a fire?

I could not!
It didn't take long after the sun came up Monday morning for the thawing to begin.

My Monday morning consisted of watching the snow melt off the buds on the tree out my window. 
The sun brought back the birds.

It seemed like this robin was posing for me! 

Cheeky Robin!

Hopefully we are now on a roll into spring like weather, and just in time for Easter! 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

So That Was Saturday

Yesterday we did not do any of our "regular" Saturday things.
We both stayed put all day.
What did we do, you say?
Well, there was a lot of reading, talking, coffee drinking, and the eating of a Steenstra's Santa Claus cookie (or maybe two!).
Of course, the original plan was to knock out a few projects, but since we were enjoying ourselves just a bit TOO much, only one of those was accomplished!
The hanging of this sign!
Although it may look like only THGGM was doing the 'work', I'll have you know, I found the hanging wire for him (in the end, we did not need it) AND I handed him the hammer (which again, we did not need that either). 
As you can well imagine, after all that hard work we HAD TO just sit back, drink more coffee and look at it while commenting on how lovely it turned out!
"gezellig" is a Dutch word, that doesn't really translate well into English, but means something like "cozy".  Although, more so it describes that cozy feeling you experience when you are sitting around with people you love enjoying good coffee, great cookies (Steenstra's!) and excellent conversation.
For a few years now THGGM and I have been scouting out windows at area thrift and antique venues. 
Late last year THGGM found two of these windows for just over five dollars a piece.
I looked around on line for the perfect font, and decided that this one in all lower case looked the best to me.
The other window we gave to Daughter and Son-in-law, and asked Son-in-law if he could put the word "gezellig" on ours.
We could NOT be happier with how it came out!
Since his job is making signs, he knows a thing or two about fonts and centering and a plethora of things neither THGGM or I know about.
So, there you have it, what we did on Saturday!
Added one more window to our house of many windows.
Look, I tell you right up front that I am boring, and work hard at it, like it's the art form media I work in.
Yes I do.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Scattered Random Thoughts

My life.
1.  Have you noticed that I do not post much anymore?  Probably not, but it is only because I tend to do the same things over and over, and although I do not find that to be boring, I can easily see how anyone else would.  Boring is the art form in which I work best.
2.  Since mostly I see the grand kids all at once after school on Wednesdays, it can get a bit too crazy here to post about.  And, the older ones do NOT like having their pictures taken.  I understand that, but it is always hard for me to post a ton of pictures of a few of them, and none of the camera abhorrent ones.
3.  Although I DID take a picture of Jonge and Pake back to back today.  It looks like they are pretty close to the same height now.  At the moment, Jonge looks like Prince Albert from the series "Victoria".  Today when I saw him, that theme song started running through my head and has been playing nonstop since.  It's not Wednesday, but since it is conference week we picked them up today, stopped for hot fudge sundae's and brought the four of them here for awhile.  Next week both sets of grand kids will be on spring break, two of them headed to Florida by plane, and four of them road tripping to St. Louis and Atlanta.
4.  Today after breakfast THGGM and I did some antique shopping in Spring Lake, and then drove to Grand Haven.  Of all the days NOT to bring my camera!  The sky was an intense blue (thggm thinks it seems more intense to me only because i can now see the brightness of color now) the water was still, but very blue with white ice burgs bobbing along, and there were a pair of loons in the channel.  I cannot remember the last time I actually saw a loon, so that was exciting.  An interesting bird to watch, for sure.  And one would think that was enough bird excitement for the day, when over head appeared a pair of bald eagles!  They are always a thrill to see, but especially against all the bright blueness of the sky and water.  A camera would have been nice to have, but at least I had the enjoyment of the moment without trying to focus a camera on moving objects.
5.  Lasts week Thursday we went to the school down the street from us to see the play "The Diviners".  I tend to only like plays that I know something about, with actors that I know, and that was not true with this one.  But it was EXCELLENT, and we truly wanted to go see it again the next two nights.  Acting talent amazes me, especially in the form of high school students playing difficult parts involving extreme adult emotions - and doing it so well!  Oldest son knew the director, and also one of the lead actors, from plays he had directed or performed in, so he invited us to go with him.  So glad he did!  Did I mention that we loved it?  Because we did!
6.  When we exited the school to walk home there was the bright full moon shining on us.  Does it get better than that?  Walking home under a full moon?  I think not.
7.  After reading everything I could get my hands on about Queen Victoria, et al. and a slew of books on Clementine Churchill, I quit all that English history for a bit and started reading "A Users Guide to the Brain".  It goes without saying that I have learned a ton, and I'm sad to admit the book has been around for almost twenty years and I'm just getting to it now.  There is an ever so slight chance that I'm annoying people by throwing out my new found knowledge, but whatever.  It's what I do.
8.  It might become necessary for someone who loves me to put a lock on my computer at right around this time of night.  I've been known to be surprised in the morning at what I have ordered from Amazon or other reputable online stores at this time of night.  Apparently, the night time me thinks I need to own sweatshirts, cardigans, and tunics in a variety of clearance colors that the morning me would have sense enough not to purchase in multiples.  Maybe there will be something about that in the book I'm reading?  I will let you know.
9.  Every evening when I let the dog out there are two LARGE bunnies in our backyard.  Why do bunnies choose to live and breed in a yard with a dog?  This makes no sense to me.  Are they not afraid of dogs?  Sometimes Zeke will chase them, sometimes he almost seems friendly to them, which I find shocking as Zeke is not even all that friendly to me.  Anyway, I'm quite certain there will soon be more bunnies just staring off into space in our backyard soon.
10.  Last week, as THGGM was heading to his office in our basement some movement outside caught his eye.  This would have been just before four in the morning.  At the end of our neighbors driveway, which is directly in front of ours, there were THREE deer!  There are a few parks and wooded areas around us so it isn't unusual to see them occasionally in those places, but there are no parks or woods or ponds close to us!  I wish he would have woken me up to see this rare sight, but he is thoughtful and kind and thought it best not to.
Well there you have it.  My relentlessly thrilling life.  Everything has seemed so different in the past months that I've yet to feel at home in my own life.  I'll get there, but I can't say that it has been easy.  Hope life is treating you well!