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Monday, February 10, 2020

Birthday Girl

Well since it has been over a month since we've been together for a party, it seemed like it was time!
After all, we had a VERY excited EIGHT year old to celebrate.
She let it be known that she wanted one thing, and one thing only for her birthday.
Oh wait.
Except for one thing from her daddy, who got her her very own switch controller. 
This made TWO kids happy!
Daughter is taking pictures of the excitement happening in front of her.
Feintsje came for cake.
Oh look!
Just what she told everybody she wanted!
Could it be?!
And even more!
When it isn't your birthday, all you get are hugs.
And cake.
Happy Birthday Hertsje!

Monday, January 06, 2020

Annual Extended Family Christmas Party

There was a game on.
Youngest Son, Pretty Good Nephew, and Jonge.
If they look expectant it is only because they are waiting to eat!
Down South Sister and her Son-in-law, in a different part of the house, also waiting for food.
It's a good thing we all like to eat, because we have a TON of food to work through.

And after that, Christmas Goodies!
Hmm.., I thought of it for months, but never did adjust the swag on the mantel.
I'm not sure why, but for some reason Daughter-in-law is explaining the finer points of bad taxidermy to Famke. 

This is not a regular Christmas tradition, at least as far as I'm aware. 
Normally I do not post pictures of people eating, but since we did so much of that it was impossible not to.

I'll just say, there was not much food at all left at the end of the day.

Treats and present opening followed.

Seriously. All this girl wants is LEGO, and she was not disappointed.
Six kids on one footstool. 
No room for the seventh one, as he is adult-size now.
 LEGO seems to be the gift everyone enjoys (even me!).
Don't we appear to be having a wonderful time?
That is because we are.
We are having a wonderful time.
Maybe someone should separate these two? 
Not at all sure what is going on.
I can only hope that you and your family enjoy holidays together as much as we do.
I like to imagine how thrilled my parents would be to know that their traditions have carried on, and that we all truly do love and care for each other.

And for you, I hope your Christmas Season was filled with love and hope for a bright and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 27, 2019

Christmas Day

It was an oddly warm Christmas of 2019.
Our day began with the traditional brunch of quiches, sausages, yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, and almond cherry roll. 
I DID take pictures of the food, but it made me hungry again just looking at it, so I left those out.
Oldest Son brought along a new-to-everyone game.
It held us over during that time of adults still drinking our after-brunch coffee and the kids asking "when can we open presents?"
It took some concentration to learn the rules.

Do notice that Jonge has totally recovered from his St. Nicholas party fever and headache.

Present time!
Pake is still in a brunch coma.
 I took so very many pictures - here are just a few...

One more party on January 5th, and then it will be time for me to hibernate until spring! 

I hope you and yours had a delightful Christmas Day!

Sunday, December 08, 2019

St. Nicholas Party

Okay, so our party took place neither on St. Nicholas Eve nor St. Nicholas Day, but close enough.
Every year the adults of the family exchange a gift basket filled with all those Christmasy things we don't buy for ourselves.
I believe it is all of our favorite traditions.
This year all the grand kids got a "movie" themed gift basket with a ticket to see a movie over the holidays.
If Jonge seems a bit less than excited in the pictures, he was coming down with a headache and fever.
You know, it isn't a holiday of someone isn't sick.
The rest of us were fine and enjoyed the festivities immensely.
Oldest Son and Daughter-in-law.
Oldest Son is still recovering from a horrific ear infection that sent him to the ER one night last week. 
Youngest Son and Hertsje
Son-in-law, father of many
Broeder, who hasn't yet noticed the movie ticket so isn't impressed - yet.
Daughter, enjoying the party!
Do notice the lack of snow.
Everyone was present.
A few have learned that if you don't want to be in Beppe's pictures, sit by her.
It is tradition to give gift baskets, EAT A LOT, and decorate cookies!

This is the moment we all hope that no one else is about to develop a fever.
Fun times.
And a great dessert!
We had a dessert, but after frosting cookies and eating them, no one wanted any!
A good time was had by all, although you can't always tell from the pictures, so you will have to take my word for it!