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Thursday, May 10, 2018

End of April-ish

One Friday THGGM woke me up by saying, get up, we've got to get out of here!
He doesn't say that often, so I got up!
After breakfast we took a ride to Grand Haven.
Nothing was blooming yet, not even a hint of green on the trees.
I did stop to get another picture of this.
This place is HUGE, and one would think it is never going to be finished.
As always, Grand Haven was lovely.
I'm still not used to seeing it without the catwalk though.
It just looks weird to me.
Apparently, that won't be back up this year either.
Progress is a slow business.
As always, it was MUCH cooler at the lake shore.
We saw a few gulls, and the two birds on the right appear to be Caspian Terns.
It seems they are rather common, but I had never seen them before so it was special to me!
I love this view.
Especially on a day when there are no crowds.
Actually, there were no other people at all!
Even the channel was choppy.

We were careful not to get splash.
Our adventure also took us to three antique malls, a thrift store, and an estate sale.
Do not be shocked, but we did not buy anything.
(This is because we already have everything!)

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Looks Like Winter Might Have Left. FINALLY.

This week Pake is working three half days.  That means he is done working at eight in the morning!  His hours have a few perks, this being one of them.
So, yesterday we went with Broeder to spend some time at Meijer Gardens.
(This morning, Pake is at the zoo with Hertsje's kindergarten glass.)
Although the butterfly exhibit is officially over, there were still quit a few of them flying around.

And for the record, it was NOT nearly as hot and humid inside the exhibit yesterday as it was the other two times we went.  Less crowded, less heat, less humidity, made for a much happier me! (and we all know that is the most important thing, right? please say yes.)
Not a lot of green in the trees yet, but that is coming.
We know this because we went to the gardens to look for "signs of spring". 
There were many of those to be found.
My life, taking pictures of the back of people I love. 
Broeder could not wait to be able to do this again.  He very patiently waited his turn.

Unlike my children, and Daughter's four, Broeder and Hertsje LIVE to join in with any other children they come across.  Making friends has never been hard for them.  I admire them for this, as it is a gift I do not possess.
Oh, and one must also pretend a very large horse is about to squish you.
In the 80's and sunny.
Don't think we did not appreciate that!

Well I TRIED to get us all into a selfie.
I guess TECHNICALLY I did.

And he is asleep!
Or deep in prayer, it's hard to say.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Random Randomness

So, I see it has been two weeks since I've posted anything here.  How odd.  It isn't like I haven't been around, as I have been.
But really, the weeks are much the same.  The grand kids come.  THGGM and I occasional go places and do things.  Nothing seems new, but also, nothing feels the same.  I'm not sure exactly why, except that it has been a very different year.  But then, what year isn't?   One thing that hasn't changed?  I still have random thoughts.  I know, you were worried that maybe I'd somehow ORGANIZED my thoughts into something partially coherent, but, no, that has not happened.
Random thought number one:  Today we had planned to go to the Allegan Antiques Flea Market.   As it ended up, I did not get to go (don't ask).  THGGM and Oldest Son went.  Apparently, there was a LARGE turnout for the first sale of the year.  Hopefully I will make it to a couple of them.
#2:  While they were gone, I spent my time working on some drawings.  I'd like to draw all six of the grand kids.  Just for fun, which so far, it has been!  I've got a long way to go and I know it.  I'm using old pictures, ones that I have only snap shots off.  Mostly I want to work on shading and blending skin tones.  It's not something I'm good at.  Let's hope I can stick with this until I'm finished.  There is a tendency within me to start things with a passion, then as it gets harder or I hit a bump my interest and enthusiasm wanes.
#3:  If you've read here for long, you may remember (that is if you don't have anything exciting in your own life) that we seem to attract mice at weird times and in sundry places.  This week, in an extremely odd place, I found evidence of a mouse.  That night THGGM set a trap, as one is wont to do when one's wife tells you to.  The next morning when I got up I was greeted by THGGM telling me NOT to go into the kitchen.  I figured the dog had left me a little something.  Then he said we caught a mouse.  Hmm.  In the kitchen?  That isn't were we set the trap.  So, apparently, a trap in the den caught just the front right foot of said mouse, and he was running through the house dragging the trap with him.  I did not SEE him running like that, only heard it.  We must underestimate what one agile mouse can do while dragging a trap, as THGGM thought for sure he had it cornered in the kitchen by closing the two metal pet gates at both doorways.  Except that OUR mouse was somehow able to make his way over the gate and under a heavy cupboard in our dining room.  I know this not only because of the sound, but by placing my camera on the floor and snapping pictures until I got a good one.  From this point, I fled the scene and THGGM did whatever he did to get rid of the mouse.  Frankly my dears, I don't even want to know!
#4:   Do any of you watch the Decorah Eagle cam?  I've been watching for the many years now.  This year it has been particularly heart-breaking as Dad Decorah left the nest for the night one day last week and has not been seen since.  I do like birds, and enjoy watching them and learning about them, but this up close look into how they live has been incredible.  There are three babies still in the nest, being fed by a weary yet able Mom.  If that sounds of interest to you go to https://www.raptorresource.org/birdcams/decorah-eagles/ I find it fascinating.  The grand kids enjoy watching this too.  The new cameras they added this year can zoom in for a detailed look at these birds, and also pan out to the gorgeous area in Iowa where they make their home.  Until discovering these eagles, the closest I've ever come to a nest was the year a pair of robins built a nest on the sill right outside our closet window.  It was amazing to watch the daily changes.
#5: Friday I finished binge watching (that is something that i've never truly done before!) Downton Abbey, all six seasons from beginning to end.  I had watched a couple of seasons, but not the first two, and all of the final season that I had seen was the finale.  It was interesting to see it all.  Now all I want to do is talk with an English, or Scottish, or Irish accent.  It would also be nice if people started calling me M'lady, but I do not see that in my future.  I'm more of the housemaid type. But.., I can dream.., can't I?
#6  I'm presently reading "North and South" by Elisabeth Gaskell.  I guess I'm stuck in England.  This is the first book I've read by her, with the exception of reading ABOUT the biography she wrote on Charlotte Bronte.  I'll let you know when I'm finished what I think about it, but so far I like it!  Very good before-bed reading, which seems to be all the reading I do lately. 
#7:  This morning, shortly after THGGM left for breakfast I wrote a list of possible things to write about here.  I do that rather often.  And then when I sit down to write I read over the list and think - why would I ever want to write about that?!  So, maybe someday.  I should probably start with that interesting conversation I overheard a few weeks ago at a restaurant.  I'll give it some thought. 

Time to go.., I hear an eagle in the background calling for me...

Friday, April 06, 2018

The Rest of Spring Break

This seems to sum up the rest of Spring Break.



The Easter Bunny brought ME a large Lego set, so we had something new to work on since the weather seemed determined to keep us inside. 
There was even a CAMERA in the set. 
 And binoculars!
These two make a great team.
They know each others strengths so work together to get things accomplished. 
It is really quite something to behold.

This is just ONE of their finished products.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Spring Break!

Monday when Pake finished work we took a trip to Meijer Gardens.

These two were WILD.
But, Monday was to be the BEST day of Spring Break weather-wise, so with a HIGH of 44, we went.

Today we had snow.  It's a good thing we went when we did.

I don't know about you, but I believe there is something beautiful in every season of the year.

Things that would never show up can be seen clearly with no leaves on the trees.
Isn't it LOVELY?
Our group even had a "map man" who helped to choose our course.

No GPS necessary.
Since most people go to Meijer Gardens this time of year to see the butterflies, it was not nearly so crowded everywhere else.

Also, I believe we ALL handle 44 degrees better than we do the hot and humid 85 degrees PLUS in with the butterflies. 
Somebody has quickly surpassed all of the women in his family, a couple of the men, and is on his way to  even greater heights.

Truly.  I can hardly believe it.
Every time we go, there is always SOMEONE who MUST pretend that a giant horse is about to stomp on them.

Climb the hill.
Roll down the hill.

Hard to believe that one of those boys had spent the previous morning vomiting.

I could have stood here for a very long time.
But, I had to keep up.
After our hiking around most of us did go in to see the butterflies.

Seriously though, I don't think they were too much interested in them.

Maybe just enough to do a quick turn through it.

Famke was spending the day with a friend, but I think she would have appreciated it more than her brothers did.
Having been out in the cold and then into the heat made my camera lens fog up.

I did get a couple of pictures, but most of them were a bit misty.