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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

October in Lake Geneva, WI

 I also took regular pictures.  Really, I did.


We again stopped at Simple for lunch.

I had the grilled cheese with butternut squash soup.


I also like what they did with brown bottles, lace, and twigs.

Very pretty!

I'm working on the same thing here now.  Surprisingly, it's not as charming of a look.  It looks like brown bottles, lace, and twigs.  Just not in a good way. Yet.  Like I said, I'm still working on it.

 The Simple Bakery is also great.

 And again, Wisconsin is a beautiful state.

October Shopping in Lake Geneva, WI

 Although these are from over a month ago, it still felt like Christmas shopping to me!

 Even though these were taken a week before Halloween, Christmas decor was already front and center.  I really don't mind that as much as I used to, now that I am more aware of how quickly time passes by.

 So this is the only reminder I'm going to give you.  Christmas is ONE MONTH from today.  Go forward fearlessly and ENJOY!

St. Francis

This picture was taken in the morning.

I found that the light was MUCH better in the evening, at least in the fall.

But I did get this picture, and I am glad I did.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

October Vacation

 Just before sunset THGGM walked through this beautiful place.  I love it here.  SOOO peaceful.
 The light filtering through the leaves on the trees could not have been orchestrated any better for picture taking.  So of course, I took advantage of that, making the most of the remaining sunshine.

I believe I got pictures from every angle.  I can still imagine the smell of warm fall leaves and the crunchy sound they made as we walked around just being amazed.
And now for the "rest of the story".  A few weeks after our vacation I was plagued with a strange dream.  When I would wake up, I could not escape the feeling.  In the first dream an acquaintance of mine from high school kept following me around asking decidedly odd questions and totally taking up any personal space one might have in a dream.  It was weird.  Even in the morning, after a few cups of coffee, I just could not shake the feeling of this girl always in my face.  The very next night I dreamed about a different friend, although with the same name.  She too was following me everywhere trying to persuade me into believing that she was not the crazy one that everyone said she was.  In that dream I ended up running away from her, hiding in some corner in a basement hoping she would just go away. I woke up in the morning, tired, and with that same inexplicably odd feeling.  By afternoon I was STILL trying to figure out just what this dream could possible be about.  Even though both people in the dream were different, they both looked and acted very similar (not the case in reality though).  And they BOTH had exactly the same expression on their faces.  Later in the afternoon I was watching the movie "Lincoln" (i know, i know, i'm terribly behind in movies...) there was an actor that I knew from somewhere, but I could not remember where.  So, I paused the movie on her face and left it there until it came to me (did you know that mary lincoln's lady in waiting was jackie joyner keresy from the cancelled sitcom "The Neighbors"? well, you do now!).  Having figured that out, I thought I'd try the same process to figure out who this person was who was hanging around my dreams in such an annoying manner.  So, I stopped the movie again, but this time I tried to pull up the face that had been in the dreams.  It didn't take long and there it was in my mind.  It really felt like someone I knew, someone I'd been around, someone I'd seen a lot of lately.  Then it came to me (although i'm sure by now you have already figured it out...), she is the statue lady pictured above!  Yes!  That's it!  And really, it isn't all THAT weird that I felt familiar with her, as since we spent weeks without WiFi, I'd been watching slide shows of our vacation photos on the computer, and she appears prominently in those.  My favorite mode is the "zoom and fade" which meant that her face was front and center all day long.
Hey, look.  I tell you right off in my profile that I'm boring. Boring, but very rarely bored.

Much Ado

 It was a great show.

 Please support the arts at the colleges and universities around you.  Sometimes I wish that places of higher education put even half the money they put into sports into the arts.  Many well paid athletes fade out after a decade or so.  But music, theater, and so many other arts are enjoyed for an entire life time.  But I guess I'll just have to dream on.  I don't see a fantasy "theater team" in the future.  Yet, who knows!
 The last picture is what he really looks like.  He looks like his dad.  He also looks like me, although we didn't realize this until the year he went to a Halloween party as Julia Child.  THAT was weird.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Wasn't It JUST Halloween?!

 This is what I made for the grandkids on Halloween!

 I only saw Hertsje and Broeder in costume.  They were adorable.  It was a nasty night for trick-or-treating this year.
THGGM and I were home on Halloween night.  We did not get any trick-or-treater's, but funny how that candy disappeared anyway.

My new hobby since I went for weeks and weeks without internet?   Bird watching.  We have a pair of blue jays, a pair of cardinals, buckets full of sparrows which are sprinkled around as hawk food (or so it seems) and just today Daughter looked out the window and saw a pair of nuthatches.

I'm Back!

Yesterday at 4:40 this very nice man arrived at my house.  It was cold.  It was snowing.  It was windy.  But he climbed this poll and hooked us up to Comcast wireless.  It took three and a half hours, yet when he left it still wasn't up and running.  But when THGGM got up this morning it was working very nicely!  Yea!  Happy me!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

 These pictures are from day one of our vacation.

There shall be a big gap now, since we are switching over our internet.  What a HASSLE!  And no one seems to be able to tell us when they can install the new stuff.

We started this process on Wednesday morning, and it still isn't finalized on Saturday?


So, good-bye for now my faithful readers.