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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Still Discovering Things

Quite by accident today I discovered a special effect on my camera.  You know, the camera that I bought in January and still haven't figured out yet.

Yes, that's the one.

Anyway, I didn't realize I had it set for this until I'd taken a few pictures.

I rather like it!

Seems I shall have a great time playing around with this.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Fun

Back when I was buying books, I picked up as many Klutz books as I could find.  I have a shelf full of them in my basement, but every once in a while I will bring up a few different ones and leave them out to see if anyone picks up on them.  Sometimes it DOES happen.  Like today.  Jonge found this one and was intrigued by some of the pictures.  So, I asked him if he would like to try it for himself.  He said YES.  While I located my old camera he rounded up his siblings, who seemed more than happy to cooperate!  And these last three pictures are what they came up with.  I had NOTHING at all to do with this.  They were on their own.  I think they did pretty well for their first attempt!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More of My Favorite Finds

This is another of my fun finds from Saturday's second thrift store stop.  An eight inch figure of Bartje.  I had the smaller one already, but really, could one ever have too many figures of Bartje?  I think not.  As I was washing it up a bit, I noticed something inside.  That someone was kind enough to keep the little "write-up" right up inside of the figure is great.  Because I learned something.  I knew a bit about the original Bartje statue, but I did not know that he exists because of a book.  Or maybe I did know, but forgot.  But for sure I did not know that it was written by Anne de Vries the author of a four volume set of history books that were commissioned by the queen to tell the story of the Dutch during WWII.  I loved those volumes and used to read them every few years.  So now I shall be looking for a copy of Bartje, which I hope I shall find.

Swinging with Pake

Have I mentioned lately what a blessing it is that Pake is here for for the last hour and a half or so of my day?

Although I am sure I could go back to doing it without him, that last hour and a half seems to always be the craziest time for me.

And sometimes I just need a cup of coffee and a potty break.

At some point in that hour and a half, it seems that everyone gets to swing with him, or cuddle a bit, or at least get to do something that I do not allow.

In the bottom picture, Famke was suffering from a tummy ache.  I am happy to report that she is feeling better now!

We've had this old swing for over fifteen years now.  It is quite possibly THGGM's favorite thing.

I think I've swung on it once.  Swinging makes me feel carsick.

Feintsje and Hertstje

These two.  They are just SOOO much fun to watch!  Both of them play very well independently, but towards the end of the day, they always find each other.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Today's Fantastic Finds

Today THGGM and I went to the Allegan Flea Market.  It was hot and muggy, yet still a beautiful day to be walking around outside.  THGGM is looking for a pine table with drawers to use as a coffee table.  He didn't find one.  I was looking for any of the hundreds of things I collect.  I found that white swan in the lower left corner.  THGGM found the glass front Sligh bookcase with a drawer on top.  Oh, just imagine the FUN I am going to have tweaking this thing!

It's been awhile since we have spent the weekend out and about.  Michigan is gorgeous this time of year, everything is so green.  And we didn't even complain much about the heat and humidity, because we haven't had much of it this year.

After we left the flea market we went to the antique mall in Douglas.  It was much cooler walking around in there, although almost as crowded as it was in Allegan.  Although I did see several interesting things, I remembered that I had just purchased a swan (and a bunch of other cool things from yesterday) so I chose to be happy with what I already have.

Yes.  Yes I did.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Back to Everyday Life at Anybody Home

Vacation is soooo over.

But that is never a problem since I get to come home to spend my days with six of the most fun people I have ever known.

And it was an eventful week.

First time I ever had someone escape, and ended up (unharmed) in the swimming pool.

Someone else broke something glass.

A different someone cut his foot on it, and there was blood.

Several of them stopped loving the food that we all could agree on.

A few of them stopped enjoying the usually favorite TV shows.

EVERYONE still likes playdough, but I'm starting not to.

But it's the weekend now, and all that is behind me!

I have even gotten all of the toys sorted and put back where they belong.

The bed may no longer be used as a trampoline, although they did take some really cool videos of themselves jumping on the bed.  Nice that they left them for me, so I could actually SEE just how dangerous it looks.

So today is Saturday.  THGGM and I went to our usual neighborhood thrift store where we found the usual amount of interesting things.  I bought the coolest hat that I think Kado will look great in while singing "Happy"

I had also been waiting for lamps to go on sale, and this week they were.  But the $29.00 lamp I was hoping would still be there was not.  I was a wee bit sad.

Since we have pretty much sworn off spending, I was shocked when THGGM suggested we go to another thrift store.

I am SOOO glad we did!
 Because look what I found!  Isn't this game just the coolest?  I had to wait what seemed like forever for a woman and her grand daughter to stop complaining about how much everything costs!  But FINALLY, they put it down and I not-so-nonchalantly grabbed it!  I really didn't even care how much it cost, I wanted it that badly!  If you read here much you know how much I LOVE to launch things into space.  This comes with TWO red metal launchers, and ohhhh, those awesome wooden hats!
Hey!  Maybe I'll have to wear the hat and dance around singing "Happy"!  Because I am!  I'm happy!

AND, there is more!  That lamp that was sold at the first thrift store?  I found an even nicer one at the second thrift store and it was only $10.00.  Yeah, I'm gonna be wearing that hat...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Last Week Friday Afternoon part 2

 Our last stop on a wonderful vacation, the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive at Sleeping Bear Dunes.

 Beauty, everywhere you look!

 Heed the sign.  If you want to climb a dune, go to the Dune Climb, because the climb up comes FIRST leaving the run down for last.  It also isn't nearly this high.

 I cannot recommend Sleeping Bear Dunes highly enough.  It is such a gorgeous place.

That  pretty much ends our vacation.

The drive home was beautiful, filled with more cherry orchards, farms, corn, corn, and more corn, stunning lake views, deer in fields, deer running across the road, hawks soaring in the sky, and more of the beautiful wind farms.

Sigh.., it all ended too soon...

Last Week Friday Afternoon part 1

 Mid-70's and sunny!

The perfect sort of day for dune climbing.

Jonge and Famke stopped to apply sunscreen before ascending the dune.
 I guarded the footwear.

And they are off!

It looks as if Pake has taken an early lead.
But now it is Jonge in the lead!
Now look who's over the hill!
Pake is in third place.
And on the way down Jonge is in the lead with Famke close behind!
The gap between second and third is widening!

Jonge wins the gold!

Famke takes the silver!

And Pake gets the bronze!