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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Family Pictures Part 3

For many years running now, Son-in-law takes two pictures of all of us with the use of a timer.
This is the very first one.
I'm pleased and amazed at how it came out.

The two of us! 
With the grand kids!
Oldest Son and Daughter-in-law!
Daughter, Son-in-law, and family!
These two!
These two siblings have the most incredible bond!
But this shot is staged.  Ha ha.
They've all gotten taller this year, but that is rarely noticable in pictures of the four of them!
 Just the grand kids.
Another dad and daughter shot!
Someone is taller than their dad now!
And this?  This is probably THE most real shot of most of us, EVER.

There!  It took almost a month, but the Annual Fall Family Photos are in the books! 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Fall Family Pictures, part 2

Here are a few more...

The grandchildren!

Back row:
Jonge, Famke, Kado

Front row:
Hertsje, Broeder, Feintsje

It's official!

Jonge is taller than Pake!
 Oldest Son is still taller.
 Youngest Son is also, but you can't tell in this picture as they look about the same height here.
 Our first years of fall pictures included only these four.
SOMEONE had to take the picture!
 Dad and Daughter
Another dad and daughter.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Annual Fall Family Picture Day

Fall Family Picture Day!  Oh, just wait, there are soooo many more!  But here's one to start with - which is actually the one we ended the day on.

Monday, September 16, 2019

So This Was Saturday

THGGM and I tend to avoid crowded places, but since it IS September, we went to Holland State Park on Saturday.
Plenty of people, but not summer crowded.
And boats, there were boats.
I had meant to take my camera, but we were part way there before I realized I had forgotten my purse, so no camera.
So instead I spent the first part of my beach time figuring out how to use the camera on my phone.
Hey.  I'm OLD.  Do not judge me.
I DID remember my book, my visor, and my reading glasses, so I was all set once I had the basics of the camera figured out.
This is a good book!
Last week we watched the movie that was made from the book.
It was good, but as usual, I'm liking the book even more!

And here is THGGM.
Lying in the sun, while I am in the shade, wearing jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a jacket.
It still seemed a bit on the cold side to me, even dressed like that.
Must be the direct sun that makes the difference.
I prefer shade.
And skin that doesn't look like my worn leather purse I left at home. 

The sunset was gorgeous!
I especially liked how the light house looked.
We did not walk out on the pier.
But I took about a bazillion pictures of people silhouetted in the setting sun.
There were a great number of boats to watch, both coming and going.
We even got to wave to Hertsje and Broeder as they boated passed us, yelling our names and waving!
It took me about an hour to figure out how they even knew it was us!
Then I remembered!
I also posted a picture to my Facebook account.
Oh, yes!  I REALLY am learning new things!

This boat?  It belongs to Betsie DeVos. 
Didn't see her, just a lot of dressed up people.

So pretty!
I was hoping to catch a moon rise, but that didn't happen until we were almost all the way home.
It was full and GORGEOUS, but my phone camera and all the city lights didn't make for a very good picture, believe me, I tried. 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Double Header Fall Ball

 Perfect day for baseball!
Jeans and sweatshirt weather, my favorite.
I got to catch up on how school is going.
Kado was more excited to tell me about his recent video game win.

There was also some football playing going on, behind me. 
Jonge was the opening pitcher of the first game, which they won.

Did well at bat too!

Final score of the first game was 9 to 5.
I waited, but they never updated the score board.
All of my grandchildren have a plethora of adorable little cousins.

Daughter and Son-in-law!
The clouds were amazing!
One layer going in one direction, and another layer going in the opposite direction.
And, in this picture it looks like some of the clouds are being held in the net!
Jonge played first base in the second game.
They didn't win, yet played very well!
I'm so glad I love baseball!
But even if I didn't, I love these kids enough to be interested in whatever they chose to do!

Sunday, September 01, 2019

We Had a Last Day of Summer Vacation Party!

On the last Thursday before school starts for everyone, Kado requested that we have our annual Last Day of Summer Vacation Party!

I hadn't even realized it was a "thing", but I'm always happy to host these guys!

Kado remembered EVERYTHING we had done at past LDoSVPs, and put in his request a month early.

I checked back on past blog posts, and he was RIGHT!

The day was PERFECT!

It was cooler than usual, but that meant there was also bike riding, baseball playing, and of course, when rest was required they watched some weird Mine Craft videos.
I had to ask Feintje what was going on here, and he said he was just shaking all the water out of his ear!

They were playing some sort of game I couldn't quite understand.

It involved screaming "DESTROY!"

I was duly assured that they were NOT trying to drown each other.

It did take some convincing, but everyone seemed to think that my fears were totally unfounded.

The water was warmer than the air, so when I asked them to jump out for a minute while I took their picture, they worked very hard to persuade me that the edge of the pool would be good enough.

But, as I told Kado, you have YOUR traditions, and I have MINE.

So they got out, dear sweet obedient children that they are.
Wow.  They have all certainly gotten taller.

I took two pictures, and back in the pool they went.

Jonge had been here earlier, but had to leave for baseball practice.

Famke was spending the day with a friend.

I wonder how much longer these guys will let me line them up against the back of my garage?

Aren't they handsome and beautiful?