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Friday, December 07, 2018

Ten Random Thoughts For a Friday Afternoon

Hmm.  For some reason I couldn't add anything else to my post below, so I shall just continue it as Random Thoughts.
On Tuesday THGGM and I spent the afternoon emptying out our kitchen.  When you have a lot of furniture, and I mean A LOT of furniture, it becomes like one of those puzzles that requires you to move every piece around just to get things out of one place and into another.
Now, we COULD just get rid of some furniture, but until we get the floors done, we aren't entirely sure what we will want and what will have to go!
At least that's how we are looking at it now!
Random Thought 1 - Until my art room was recently filled up with furniture from other places, I was working on a few projects of my own.
I found a simple way to stabilize my toilet paper snowman.  I made a couple of slits to the top two pieces, folded an empty paper towel tube and used it to hold all three pieces together.  I did use a little bit of glue on his hat, and added two brown leather button for eyes and a small amount of holiday trim to his hat.
I've thought about adding a few more touches, but I think that might be over-kill.  We shall see.
Random Thought 2 - This was my first attempt with this very large wooden quilt hoop.
These letters seemed too small, so I've since changed them out for large letters out of red and black buffalo check flannel.
Some fake red berries and a different scarf seem to have improved it.
I'm still not sure.
And, I can't get to it today, so.., I'm thinking about what else it needs.
Random Thought 3 - I've been doing some Christmas reading.  Last year I found a couple of authors from Maine that I really liked.  I've been using Abebooks.com, as it seems that anything you could possibly want is available there.  I'm gathering a bunch of books to read this winter, hoping I get to them all, eventually.
Random Thought 4 - Yesterday we left home as soon as THGGM got done with work at 12:30.  We went to Arnie's for lunch and then on to an eye doctor's appointment.  Lately, I have had great difficulty seeing much of anything, so I thought I'd better go, instead of waiting until it was time for new glasses.  I warned THGGM that there was this one time I took my parents to this eye doctor, and left FOUR HOURS later.  As I recall, they missed a wedding that day.  ANYWAY.., we were there for THREE HOURS, so, I guess I shouldn't even mention it.  I left there having found out I will need cataract surgery in both eyes.  This will happen in January.  It also means that I will have to go to that office building SEVEN times in January.  But, I will soldier on.  I really don't WANT to, but I have grown rather accustom to seeing, and think I would be more tempted to use a white cane to whack at people than to navigate.  So, there's that.  I also really want to read those books I'm lining up for winter.
Random Thought 5 - It's funny to think that we thought we would have some time to kill between the eye doctor appointment and Jonge's basketball game, but we actually arrived at that a bit late.  SO glad that we went!  This was one of THE most intense games so far.  Jonge played almost the entire game.  At the end of the fourth quarter they were tied, so the game went into over-time.  AND THEY WON!  YAY!
Random Thought 6 - It is incredibly noisy here right now, at 2:51 in the afternoon.  The work started sometime around 9.  I don't know about you, but I do not do well with noise.  Zeke is whining to go out, yet there is no door available to let him out of at the moment.  Presently he is eyeing a window, apparently thinking of breaking out of here and into the backyard.  I just may follow him...
Random Thought 7 - I wish I could tell him it will all be over soon, but, as much as they are getting closer, there is still a ways to go!  Oh, and on Monday?  On Monday we get new doors and windows in our breeze-way!  I am looking forward with GREAT anticipation to that, as our breeze-way becomes an ice box in the winter.  The louvers on two of the windows and both doors no longer close tightly.  I suppose that goes with their age, as they have been faithfully doing their job for sixty-three straight years.  It always makes me laugh when people come into our house to do work and make comments like "that's to be expected in an old house".  This is the NEWEST house we have ever lived it!  Oh well, I guess perspective is everything.  Or not.  Whatever.
Random Thought 8 - You may be thinking that after Monday things will return to normal around here.  Nope.  Not quite yet.  The first week of January we are getting new carpet in our living room/dining room.  This means we will have to play that silly puzzle game AGAIN.  This time it will require the removal of THREE large cabinets FILLED with china, ironstone, and assorted glassware.  That ought to be fun.  Oh, and we shall also have to move out our piano, which has been in the same spot for 11 years now.  THGGM pointed out that he probably should paint behind it while it's out.  Yes.  I kind of think he should.  Didn't know he hadn't.
Random Thought 9 - Our neighbor who helped us out with our kitchen floor on Monday also plays the piano (I don't think there is much he cannot do!).  He knows a guy who may be interested in helping us out with getting our piano tuned and a couple of keys fixed.  Since I only play it for fun, I'm not fussy about perfection, just would like to be able to play it without its out-of-tune-ness making me crazy.  I can't play it now anyway, as I cannot see well enough to read music.  All I can see now are black dots, everywhere.
Random Thought 10 - One last thought.  Last night, as we were moving the last small things out of the kitchen I thought to grab the Keurig and some K-cups.  I put them in the bathroom, which already had Zeke's food and water in it - temporarily.  By this time today I'm starting to think I should have a coffee bar permanently in place in my bathroom closet.  It is convenient.  Really.
Bonus Random Thought -  GOODNESS!  The things you learn in a day listening to two guys sub-contracted by Home Depot to install floors.  I could write another blog post just about that!  But, I won't.  Got to find out what I can do about poor Zeke, who is getting ready to dance the Charleston.  I'm pretty sure if he doesn't get outside soon, there WILL be a pool underneath him - and it won't be the swimming kind - like in "It's A Wonderful Life", if you know what I mean!

This Week and Such

Wow.  Our weeks are not usually busy.
But this one certainly has been!
On Monday, our neighbor devoted a day to getting our kitchen floor ready for the new flooring due to arrive on Friday.  (Today!)
We had a chunk of sub flooring that needed to be replaced. 
He did an excellent job, while THGGM stood next to him and watched.
It is SO nice to know a handyman with an abundance of talent, tools, and on this particular day, TIME.
Yes.  Today we are saying good-bye to the floor we have wanted to replace for over 11 years.
And for the nine years we lived in our last home?
It had this EXACT flooring.
So, I'm twenty years done with this!
They will also be using the same flooring in our front entryway.

Looking good so far!

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Happy Saint Nicholas Eve!

Over the weekend we celebrated St. Nicholas!
This is quite likely our family's favorite party.
St. Nicholas brought a bag of goodies for all the good children.
Of course, all six of the children in attendance fell into that category
They seemed pleased with their bag of treats.

 The adults exchanged gift baskets.

 I did not get pictures of our feast, although I'm not sure why that is.  I usually take pictures of EVERYTHING.  Hmmm.
Oldest Son brought dessert.
He made homemade Specalaas ice cream with a homemade caramel sauce and freshly made waffle bowls.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Our Thanksgiving

This year, instead of heading north for Thanksgiving, Daughter and Son-in-law hosted the extended family!
The first thing I noticed when I came in was my grandpa and grandma's library table, all set to hold appetizers.  It was always the first thing I saw when entering my grandpa and grandma's house.  To be sure, I felt the connection.
Oldest Son made Brie en croute with apples and speculaas.  It was amazing!
I could go on and on about all of the amazing food we had, as it was all phenomenal.  It is every year!

I do not know how other people get their pumpkin rolls to roll up "round", but it never lasts long enough for me to ponder it with any depth.
We gave my Up North sister the year off this Thanksgiving.  She deserves it!  Her family has been hosting all of us for DECADES!
Wise people traveled from afar!
On the right is Oldest Son's roomate from college, who is originally from Maine, but lives here now.  We consider him part of the family, since his is so very far away.  And we like him!
On the left is Oldest Nephew who with his wife traveled all the way from Baltimore to be with us this year (i told you the food is always great!). Oh, and I see my Down South sister removing  even more delicious food from the trunk!
Great Nephew!
I was attempting to get a picture of everyone as they arrived.
Because I am super annoying like that.
This is Oldest Niece.  But she isn't old, just a kid really.
Up North Sister passing on the secrets of good gravy to Daughter.
Oldest Son, admiring (or is it envying) his cousin's beard.
Oldest Son had to shave his off this month as he was playing FDR in the musical Annie.
Son-in-law's first roasted turkey.
It was WONDERFUL, just like him.
Well, this is making me hungry!
I'll stop this post now, and hopefully find the time to post a few more pictures of our day, because.., well.., you KNOW that is what I do!
Hope your Thanksgiving Weekend was as blessed as ours!

My sisters and I.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Bringing In the Leaves

These kids DID come rejoicing, bringing in the leaves!
They even brought along a Leaf Compactor. 
Arrival time was shortly after lunch, and continued working until after the sunset.
You know how I'm not one to brag (hahaha!) but goodness, did these three work HARD!
They seem to have gotten an excellent work ethic from their diligent and hard-working parents.
THGGM looked into what it would cost to have yard cleanup done, so he offered them that amount, to be split three ways.
Not only did they work hard at bringing in the leaves, they figured out the math down to the last fraction.  Oh, and they did take a couple of breaks when THGGM brought the leaves to the yard waste dump.  When they saw the car pull up, Famke would announce it, and off they would go.  Once, one of the boys said he was tired.  Famke looked at her other brother and said, "That means more money for us!" which of course meant off the three of them went.  Together. 
They were also rewarded with donuts from Marge's Donut Den, but they made quick work of those.  There was milk too! 
So fall is now cleaned up and dragged away, and it's onward and forward to Christmas!

Last Night Basketball Game

 Last night's middle school basketball game was played against MY kids alma mater.
 That made it a teensy bit difficult to cheer.

But of course, that other team no longer has my kids playing, but will someday in the future have Hertsje and Broeder playing under their banner!
Anyway, in case you were wondering, we cheered for Jonge!
It was a VERY good game!
Both teams had much to be proud of.
But still, we had Jonge!
This was eight years ago. 
He has changed some.
As kids are wont to do.

Friday, November 09, 2018

On Thursday We Went Places and Did Things

Tuesday and Thursday of this week I was FINALLY able to see Jonge play basketball!
Jonge is number 32.

I didn't take my camera with me Tuesday.
That was a GREAT game, which they lost after leading right up until the end of the 4th quarter.
Yesterday's game went much better for our team.
Which also meant that Jonge got a few breaks.
We were the guests!

I do have to say that THGGM and I are adjusting
quite well to having grandchildren just one afternoon a week now.
Jonge's basketball game was at a charter school in Holland, a city about 40 minutes away.
So, when THGGM got out of work at 12:30, we hit the road.
Did some thrift shopping, some antique shopping, and had lunch in Holland.  We arrived back home at 6:00.  All that on a week day! 
And look at this!
My collection is growing!
I found this darling plate at a thrift store in Holland.  It was THREE DOLLARS!
Yeah, it's been a good week!