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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

They Have Grown

Pictures from five of the years we've gone to the cottage.
They have grown!



 Several years ago, when we all gathered at the cottage, Daughter-in-law brought along a lap quilt she was working on.

It was her first attempt at quilting, and since none of us had ever attempted a quilt, we were all duly impressed with her new skill.

This year she brought along the most recent quilt she's been working on.

It contains scraps from all the quilts she has made so far!

Isn't it GORGEOUS?!

Friday, August 19, 2022

Summer Celebration!

Friday evening we met at Daughter and Son-in-Law's house to celebrate Famke's FIFTEENTH birthday the week before. 

Of course, there were many fun activities happening. Jonge took these guys on a golf-cart ride to the lake.
Hertje was thrilled with the shells she collected. There was also stone skipping, but I guess they skipped all of those.
All of the adults enjoyed watching Famke open gifts.

Those children whose birthday it was not, didn't.

Funny how that works.

After a delicious dinner of pizza, which I forgot to photograph because it was too fantastic not to dive into right away, Son-in-law started a fire for S'MORS1
I still find it shocking to realize the grandkids are ALL old enough to handle fire on a stick. 

But time marches on and they continue to grow up.

I wouldn't want it any other way.  

Although I DO love going back in time in pictures to remind myself that, yes, those adorable, interesting, funny kids who used to show up at my house early in the morning all those years ago, really DID start out small and have grown into kind, thoughtful, caring people. 

Daughter-in-law brought lemon curd. 

If you haven't replaced the traditional Hershey bar with lemon curd, you are really missing out.

It is amazing!


Saturday, August 06, 2022

Early Saturday At the Cottage

I got up early.

THGGM was already up and enjoying his last morning on the deck. There is just a little bit of sunshine on the trees. The lake is calm, but it is already HOT and MUGGY. Can't complain though, this is the first day of that for the entire week! Yay! Although I have to say, it made it MUCH easier to pack up, knowing that we were all heading to AIR-CONDITIONED homes! 

So peaceful.
The scar is still visible where the two trees used to stand. And although the dune will never come back, it is nice to see things starting to grow again. 
This used to be full of vines and milkweed. Some of that has returned, and this year there were Monarch Butterflies again!
Two years ago, the lake was right up to the stairs. Those stairs (it is actually more like an attached ladder) are why you don't see me on the beach. Well, that is MOSTLY why. 😁
A couple more poppies have bloomed.

This has been our seventh year renting this cottage.

Each year has been wonderful.

Good-bye Cottage, see you next year! 


Friday, August 05, 2022

Friday At the Cottage (Part Three)

After dinner we checked out the cloud situation.

It looked like another amazing sunset could be on the horizon soon. 

Feeling hopeful!
Most of the clouds seemed to be north of us.
Sadly, we noticed that murkiness seemed to be to the south.
But look! Even through the murkiness you can see a ship leaving the channel.  
It is a little bit clearer here. Oldest Son with his new camera and great zoom could tell it had both an American and a Canadian flag. My camera couldn't catch that. 
Will we be able to see the ship as it passes under the sun?

We wait.

From our perspective, the ship seemed to be floating in space just above the horizon. 
By the time it was directly under the setting sun, 
the floating effect  wasn't as noticible. As it moved north it happened again, although by then it was too dark to capture.
Our last sunset of the week!

All SEVEN of them were wonderful.

I am well aware that the sun sets every day in my neighborhood, but it's just to neighborhood-y to capture the wonders of a sunset on the water. 

It is now time for bed.

I still have to finish the last chapters of my book, so good night! 

Friday At the Cottage (Part Two)

Oldest Son brought his pizza oven.

Wood smoked pizza!

Not only is it delicious, it is also a great way to use up leftovers. 
My dinner time view is different on days when there has been swimming!

The birds are still singing for us.

Some of the birds I can recognize from their calls, even though I don't see them.

The Happy Chef! He is getting the coals read for S'mores.

Do you like your marshmallows slightly toasted, or burned? 
A close up from my dinner view. So pretty!