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Monday, September 10, 2018

Yesterday Felt Like Fall

Yesterday Jonge had two Fall Ball games.
And the weather!
It was in the sixties, which is normally my most favorite temperature EVER, but there was wind, and although we all tried NOT to complain after the hideous heat and humidity from last week, it was impossible not to mention every five or ten minutes just how COLD it was!
Feintsje made up his own ball game.
I never quite figured it out, but it involved laying flat on his back and wiggling until he got to the ball.
Then he threw it at someone.

It truly was that cold.
 Jonge's team won their first game, but not the second one.
Outside, under a quilt, hot coffee - LIFE IS GOOD.

Kado came to the second game, so Feintsje had someone to play with who was closer to his age and interest level.
They thought they looked hilarious with their hoodies tightly around their faces.
Of course, I thought they looked adorable.
Not the look either of them were going for.
Famke even joined them.
Oh, and if you haven't figured it out yet, during this game most of the action was on this side of the fence.

Not sure if it shows up well in this picture or not, but the clouds were INCREDIBLE!
These looked like letters, and at one point the last three spelled ICE.
Why I didn't think to take a picture then, I'll never know.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

They DO Grow Up

Wednesdays are the only days I have grand kids to care for.
What a CHANGE, after 12 and 1/2 years of having at least someone here on an almost daily basis.
This is going to take some getting used to for me!
Jonge, who began this journey with me 12 and 1/2 years ago, had his braces removed today! 
This was a milestone event for him.
In the next two weeks he will be fitted for retainers. 
Broeder, who spent three days a week with me last year now goes to Young Fives all day. 
Well, all day, except for Wednesday afternoons when they get out of school at 1:15, so Hertsje and Broeder come here until a parent picks them up.  Last year, THGGM picked up the other four grand kids from school three days a week and brought them here until Daughter got out of work, but from now on he is only doing that on Wednesdays.  This way we still get to see them ALL during the week.  Hopefully this will help me make the transition. 
So, that is what is new in my world! 
Now, if only I could find where I left my energy, because I seem to have misplaced it...

Monday, September 03, 2018

It's Monday, So I Made Things!

Yes, it IS a holiday here, but we made plans in advance to not have plans this weekend.
Whenever we do that we tend to do more things than if we actually did make plans! 
Oh, well.
This weekend I managed to make a few pumpkins with thrifted things I already had on hand.
Actually, they are dreadfully simple to do, as they are just yo-yos that are stuffed.
They still need a wee bit of floofing, but for the most part, I am pleased.
I also spent a little bit of time switching my picnic/lunch box shelves over to a more fall-ish look. 
The only new (although it is OLD) thing I added is the green lunch box on the far left on the bottom shelf. 
That one I found at Pinky's Place. 
The owners of Pinkys KNOW what they are doing!  Everyday they post about 30 pictures from the different booths around the place.  So, I guess you could say that I 'shop' there every day - which is kind of dangerous for someone like me who collects a plethora of interesting (to me!) things.
It had never occurred to me before to add the black lunch box.  I've always kept one on my fridge, because for all of my growing-up years that is where my dad's lunch box was.
But to change things up, I added mine to the shelf.  Now, this will not come as a surprise to anyone else, but it did surprise ME to find that I actually had TWO of them.  Now I need to find one more black thing to balance the color a bit.  There IS still room for something behind that fern next to the new green lunch box.
Oh, and strangely enough, I NEVER needed a lunch box for school.  Every lunch time from 1st grade to 12 th grade I walked home from school and had lunch with my mom! 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fall Ball Has Begun!

Well now.  That break from baseball was rather short.  It is now time for Fall Ball. 
I don't recall there being bugs at any of the other games in the spring and summer season (other than at the field that sits atop an ant hill), but they were out in full force this afternoon.
Dragon flies by the dozens (i tried to get pictures but they didn't cooperate with me), nats, biting black flies (i despise those things!) and these cute little sweat bees, which were in abundance, but seemed harmless. 
This field happens to be only a few miles from us.  I drive by it every time I bring these grand kids to my house and I never had any idea what nice baseball fields are here.
I learn something new everyday, which is a good things, as I really do not know much.

Anyway.., Jonge's team had two back to back games and they won both of them.
I think it felt good for the team to have a win that was definitely a TEAM effort.

 Although I love the sport, and would watch any grand kid compete in their chosen sport, one of my favorite things is getting to know all of the parks in this part of the state!
Seriously.  I did not know about them.
Oh, and there is also a hospital in view of the park.  That is also important to me!

This park is basically on the same street as the one the boys play at for their regular season, but about a 15 minute drive away. 
It's a straight shot to the airport.  I believe they were coming in a bit low today due to the low clouds.  I'm still fascinated by planes.
There are actually PEOPLE in a moving machine in the sky over our heads!  How do you EVER get used to that thought? I never will.
Sometimes I worry a bit about my strange interests, but airplanes, bugs,and clouds are more interesting to me than many of the things I'm required to do.  Hmm. 
Oh, and do notice that after Jonge was hit in the head by a fast pitch a few weeks ago, he has added a face guard to his batting helmet.  This seems like a wise move, and I hope that this is soon a requirement.
This is the last week of summer for the grand kids before they ALL head off to school.
Our lives will be changing, as for the first time in 12 and a half years I will only have kids here for a couple of hours ONE day a week.  This is going to be different.  My first order of business will be clearing out the abundance of toys I have amassed over the past decade.  It will truly be a test of WHO I actually bought those things for, them or me! 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Cottage 2018 Last Saturday

And just like that the week had flown by.
Again, Famke and I were the first ones up.
 The sand castle remained just as it had been left yesterday.
Good-bye 48 steps to and from the beach!
Good-bye unusual beach finds!
Since we aren't new to this, everyone cooperates in getting things cleaned up and cleared out.
 Packed and ready to go!
Before we left, our reservations were made for next year.
Same time, same place.
Somehow, that always makes it a teensy little bit easier to go.
Down the drive and back to the real world.
We all left with a carload of dirty laundry and enough happy memories to last us until next year! 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Cottage 2018, Last Friday Part 2

Since it was our last night,  we drove the few miles to the road leading to the public beach at Holland State Park.
Our destination, the General Store, for ice cream!
Choices, choices, choices...
Although I do not see how there could be a bad choice, it is ice cream after all!
And it DID help with that 'last night sadness' we were all feeling.
These two are on the tail end of TWO weeks of vacation.
They spent their first week in Arizona celebrating Daughter-in-law's mother's birthday and visiting the Grand Canyon!

Oh, and I DID have an ice cream cone.
My one and only of the summer.
I had raspberry chocolate chip, and it was GOOD.

Our very last sunset, and it was beautiful!

My Darling Daughter!

Every year Son-in-law takes a picture of his kids together on their last night.