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Monday, August 31, 2009

My Monday

I've posted quite a few pictures below of my day today.
I took 170 pictures, because I can. Don't worry. I will not be able to post them all. But, I have tweaked and altered them.
To the right you can see the mail box that I found at the antiques market in Allegan yesterday.
It still needs to be "Judy-ed Up". I'm hoping to have it screwed into the bricks on the breeze-way. I've been looking for one for YEARS now, and this is exactly what I was looking for! A flawed one, so that I could afford it. It has a broken do-hicky. This mail box does remind me of the one my grandma had, but I believe that hers had a little door that opened sideways.
Today I got to play outside with Jonge and Famke. They were absolutely darling. Jonge wanted me to run around the backyard with him, but I told him that it looks weird when I run. He didn't believe me. He insisted that I show him. So, being the loving and doting Beppe that I am, I ran. It looked weird, I'm sure. His comment? "That wasn't TOO bad." I'm never running again.
In the afternoon my sister and I went to the nursing home to visit mom. She is doing very well. My other sister had been there yesterday and said that she was talking quite a bit and seemed happy. We found her to be like that today, too. She IS waiting for someone to come. Of course, we know who. But, she looked VERY good and was full of smiles for us. My dad visited her every day right up until the first of July. In July he went there a few times, but not at all this month. Yet, she waits for him. But not in a sad way, just expectant. We are not telling her that dad has died. She could not remember, and then every time she would hear it, it would be like finding out for the first time.
I have the privilege of watching grand kids every day this week. It's how I'm coping.
I can barely remember July, and now August will be over in just hours.
Truly. Our lives are like a vapor.

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Jacquelyn said...

Judy, I just love the mailbox. Good for you! I know exactly what you mean about the grandchildren helping you cope with the loss of your dad. My 3 yr old granddaughter announced, as she was painting, that she was "an artist just like G-Pa". Now how can that not be healing? You have the added burden of your mom's condition, and that must be terribly painful. Having the little ones around just help us get our perspective back, don't they? Bless you dear one.