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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Teensy Bit Happier Today

What a difference it makes to NOT have a headache.


My dad is improving at the hospital. IV drugs really work their magic on him. It's when he's switched over to the oral meds that the trouble starts.

His doctors are brainstorming.

I fully understand that God is in control. It's just a bit hard to deal with. My mom with a healthy body and a mind that has turned to dust, and

my dad with an extremely sharp mind and a body that is winding down.

So, I'll be trying out this 'one day at a time' thing I've so glibly thrown out to other people. We shall see how that goes.

Today he is doing fine. Got to spend some time with one of his great-grandsons. And the Detroit Tigers played tonight. His life has narrowed, but he makes the best of it.

The pictures of Kado are thrown in for fun. Notice that in the lower picture THGGM's goatee looks like a tiny beard on Kado! Makes me happy!

I'm still sad that I missed Famke's birthday party. I found a lovely pair of red leather shoes for her that squeak. So happy that the hospital gift shop has such great things! THGGM picked out a Dora the Explorer backpack filled with fun stuff too.

Jonge and Famke are both sporting summer colds and actually had a pretty miserable day today.

Last week I found a great tablecloth at the thrift store. It's round, mostly blue flower with blue denim piping and a blue ticking border. Nice match for the kitchen I am dreaming of having (well. the do-able dream. not the over the top it will never happen dream.). The tablecloth was two dollars. It's in perfect condition. That was enough to make me nicely thrilled.

But, there's more!

I also bought the new issue of "Where Women Create". While perusing it, what did I discover, but THAT TABLECLOTH! In a tea room!

Okay. So maybe you don't find that quite so exciting as I do.



MissKris said...

Whatver! ;-P

MissKris said...

Oy...check out that spelling!

Lori said...

I'm glad that you are past that headache. It isn't like there isn't a lot going on in your life! As for the tablecloth, it sounds beautiful and to see it in a picture after you bought it must have been a nice surprise. I hope you have a great day!

Karen said...

Isn't it nice to find a treat for yourself after a crappy day? I'll have to check out the magazine, sounds interesting.

Jacquelyn said...

Hello, if I might intrude :) I stumbled into your bogs...and even though you are younger than me, I think we have a lot in common..it sounds like you are living squarely in the sandwich generation too. Please feel free to visit me when you have time...I lost my dad last year (he was a railroad man for 39 years!) and there just isn't anything easy about these things. May the Lord grant you health and peace as you go through these hard days...I can tell you are finding a lot of joy in your grandkids...it sure helps, doesn't it!