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Monday, September 07, 2009

1959 and 2009

I was 18 months old in December of 1959. My dad had just remodeled our kitchen. When they moved out 40 years later, it still looked much the same. Except of course for the curtains. And I no longer would fit in the sink.

That was then. This is now.
I had a very relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day weekend. I think that's the point, isn't it?
Our weekend ended with a backyard picnic with the family. Life goes on.
My hope is to lessen the piles in the dining room, make some much needed phone calls, and get back into the swing of my life.
I cannot remember just exactly what that would be like.
So, I'm off to close down the long weekend with some bed-time reading. I'm reading The Shack because THGGM says I have to, and I am an obedient wife. Mostly. I thrifted a biography of The Alcott's, which is holding my attention. Then there are the magazines I've not gotten to yet.
I dug around the magazines at Barnes and Noble and found a September issue of Country Living. So much in that one, I'm still not through it. Then, at an antique mall I found the October issue for $1.25. So glad I did not pay full price for that one. I love fall and fall decor, but must EVERY magazine feature Halloween stuff? I'm all for pumpkins and candy, and would not miss an opportunity to play dress up with my grandchildren, but it astounds me that people think it's cute to put fake spiders and spider webs in their homes. I must be a purest. WE have the REAL kind.
Tomorrow morning, if I remember, I shall continue a new tradition I've started. On the first day of school, I sit on my porch with my coffee and Uncle Barb and watch the cars come around the corner on their way to the high school down the street. Then I pause and think "That used to be me!" For five years I drove past this house at least four times a day and never once noticed it - except in the spring when the magnolia tree was blooming.
Summer hasn't ended for me. In fact, I do believe it has only begun!
(just let me dream, okay?)


Debra said...

Oh! We insist on only real spiders, too. :) (Really, what are people thinking with fake spider webs around their furniture??) Glad you're reading The Shack. I super-skimmed the first part because it was so sad then slowed wayyy down when Mac returns to the shack and I savored every moment after that. I will believe with you that summer has only begun! :) Hugs, Debra

Anvilcloud said...

The past few days here have probably been the nicest of the whole summer.

Alaine said...

You're so lucky not to be doing the school driving thing anymore. I can't stand the stress of the first week.
The people by my daughter's school probably saw me shaking my fist and yelling at people as I tried to get my boys to school on time.
But now, it's so QUIET! I dont' know what to do with myself!!

Karen said...

I enjoyed the Shack, very thought provoking. We've always lived on a street near a school, and I love watching the kids and parents going to and from. September is my favorite month.

Annie said...

Judy, I have been enjoying your childhood memories so much.