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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Post?

Yes. I have been posting a lot lately, haven't I?
This one will not have any pictures, just to grab your attention.
In the posts below you will find MANY pictures. That is because I purchased additional storage for them. I was closely watching my free storage dwindling down to almost nothing and realized that if I wanted to catch my memories in pictures on this blog, I would have to do something about that. So I did.
Not that anyone has asked, but I thought I would give you a random update on my life.
I know that weird things happen to everyone (please say 'yes') but I had a few odd ones over the weekend. I shall choose to share only two. This is because I can only remember two, not that more weird stuff didn't happen to me. And, I need to take a shower and go places and do things, so I cannot take the time to think of what those other things were.
Friday night THGGM and I had blood plasma donations. Since I had spent the day at home I didn't take a shower until late in the afternoon. In an effort to 'hurry' which is something that I have almost forgotten how to do, I did not blow dry the back of my head. It's important to note that the hair at the back of my head can become quite curly if the atmospheric conditions align in a particular way. Which apparently they did.
To donate plasma one reclines on a very comfortable bed. After an hour in this position the hair on the back of ones head does tend to flatten. Atleast, this is what THGGM points out to me when we leave. "Floof the back of your hair" he will say as he walks out the door behind me.
Last Friday, my donation went much quicker than his. As I was walking out I remembered his words of advice. I reached back to rake my fingers quickly through my hair only to discover that the unfloofed back of my hair was a tightly coiled mass of curls. I nearly flipped myself over backwards.
I'm sure I left a few people wondering "What was THAT about? Did she really MEAN to do that?"
I did not.
It was extremely embarrassing.
From the plasma place we went to Micheal's. We each had a 50% off coupon to use. What this actually means is that EVERYTHING at Michael's is all ready ON sale, so one must hunt to find the small amount of things NOT on sale or NOT already deemed beyond the reach of the coupon.
We went our separate ways. THGGM found the vinyl quote that he later put on our fireplace (picture below). I couldn't seem to find anything except for some ribbon already so cheap that it seemed like a waste to use a coupon for it.
So I went exploring. There was one particular aisle that didn't have much on sale. This aisle had bags of artificial fruit, wreaths made of artificial fruit and mesh bags of balls wrapped in string, fibre, feathers and what-not. I picked up a bag of the balls.
Remember, I am still embarrassed about almost pulling myself over backwards in front of a room full of strangers.
Here in the aisle at the Michael's I frequent nearly twice each week I embarrassed myself. Again. All in the same HOUR. It seems I could at least S P R E A D O U T my embarrassing moments by a day or two. But, NO.
What happened, you wonder? I wonder, too.
It seemed that once I decided that I did NOT want to purchase a bag of interesting balls I could NOT put the bag down.
NO. I could NOT.
This was due to the simple fact that the mesh bag had somehow gotten entangled with a button on my shirt. There I stood wearing the bag like some giant weird brooch.
Had I danced around with my arms over my head - which I did NOT do - the bag would have still remained attached to the front of my shirt.
I could not untangle it.
Please remember here that I cannot see ANYTHING unless I hold it directly in front of my eyes. The bag was tangled on a low button. There was NO WAY I was going to hold that bag up to my eyes and expose my ample stomach, which has not seen the light of day since 1978.
Of course, THGGM was nowhere to be found. And, how much traveling would YOU want to do with a mesh bag full of decorative balls attached to the front of you? Not far is my guess.
I made a quick decision to sacrifice the button and gave the bag a good hard yank.
Color me thankful that I wasn't in the aisle with the mesh bags full of glass marbles.
(and people wonder why I find it so extremely difficult to leave my house)


Jammie J. said...

... and this on the heels of the pink bathroom escapade, which was at home? *tee hee hee*

Karen said...

Oh, you crack me up. Both of these stories are too funny. I'm sitting here at my desk, just me and the dog, laughing out loud. The dog is looking at me strangely.