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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

In a Magazine Somewhere...

I saw this interesting idea of rolling old sheets of sheet music, tying them with bits of ribbon and placing them in candle holders.

This is my version, made with things I had around the house. Of course, this helps when one has A LOT of things around the house!
I used an old hymnal that was missing the covers due to another idea I had a while back. The ribbon came from my basement ribbon stash. The candle holders were already there, holding old wooden balls.
This would work well with old Christmas music and holiday ribbon, don't you think?
Only Kado is here today. This means I am free to use a glue stick without worry that it will end up on someone's lips.
He is such a contented baby.


re said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing

Jacquelyn said...

I love this idea, and have never seen it before. Here's one for you: Take some of that sheet music and cut it to a size for a Christmas tree ornament. Fold it in half so both sides show music, and fold into a fan. Staple the bottom together and then tie a Christmas ribbon there...add a thin string to hang it with. really cute.