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Friday, October 23, 2009

Airing a Difference of Opinion

These are just pictures from my back door and a kitchen window.
Even the rain cannot dampen my fall enjoyment.
Not yet, anyway.
Now for the difference of opinion.
THGGM has a dream plan in his mind to someday, like in five years, totally redo our humble 1950's ranch style kitchen.
I want it to LOOK like a humble 50's ranch style kitchen, which is what it is, so I cannot think of why we would want to redo it just to have it be what it is.
Oh, well.
Actually, I want it to LOOK like a 50's kitchen filled with junk from the forties. But with nicely working appliances.
Not that my appliances aren't working. They are. And I make it a point not to 'over' work them (i'm kind like that). I have the flat top electric stove I've always wanted, so no complaints there. The dishwasher is very old, and except for occasional bouts of incontinence, does a good job (it's a MACHINE not a person. just had to clear that up). The refrigerator was purchased when we had three teenagers. It's huge and basically empty, with the exception of questionable condiments and milk, cream and chicken. Lots of chicken. And lately, at night, it sometimes makes airplane noises.
So it isn't that I don't see a need for improvements. Some which I do not think will wait five years, it's just that with a wee bit of ambient lighting, it looks just fine to me the way it is.


joyce said...

sheesh. what is it with guys? Brian is always going on about changing EVERY THING in this house.

MissKris said...

My 1912 Craftsman is falling down around our ears lately. Oh well. Everything seems to be on hold until the grandboys are off to school and their 'other' life besides being here with me every day. After a year of every appliance we own breaking down almost at the same time a couple of years ago, I hope the ones we have now last until we die!!!