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Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Activity

Actually, not much activity over here today.
I perused my most recent issue of Somerset Life. I am crazy about that magazine.
I am sure I gasped audibly when I found it at Barnes and Noble on Tuesday.
And, with my new glasses, I can read SO much easier!
There were pictures and brief instructions for making these cute little trees!
I now have four of them. Only the last one that I made turned out okay, but, I think I can make adjustments and group them all together in such a way that no one but the most trained eye would notice my mistakes. Except, of course, that I will point out all of my mistakes to anyone and everyone, even if they do not care. I'm just fun like that.

I spent the day all curled up on the couch with my beloved cat, dear old Uncle Barb. He had an early morning 'stay of execution' and is still with us, on a day by day basis.

So, now I'm hunting down embellishments for my little trees.

I tend to over-do things, so I am making it my goal to trim them simply.

Maybe some more of that small checked ribbon and possibly a line of music around the Tinker Toy base?

They are also supposed to be stuffed, but the felted wool ones do not seem to need it.

Well. That was my Friday - cool, rainy, stay at home, drink coffee, pet the kitty, watch HGTV - kind of a day.

Ahhh. I needed that.


Jacquelyn said...

everybody needs a day like that now and then! Glad you were able to just "be"!

Karen said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely day. And such sweet little trees!

Me said...

sigh - you are too cool...