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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh The Questions I Should Have Asked

Who is this? Any guesses?
Especially family who may know the story behind this?
I'm not kidding. Not only am I boring, but it seems that my birth brought a whole lot of boring into my family.
Looking back at pictures before 1958, my relatives seemed WAY more interesting than they were when I knew them.

Bathing beauty?
Atlantic City?
I need answers!

Notice the beach attire on the two ladies in the back ground.

What is it they say about Dutch men?
Big feet, big shoes?


Anonymous said...

It must be your mother. She looks like both your Grandmother and your Grandfather. How beautiful. But then again ... this could be your Aunt, or a cousin of your mother's .... Oh DO tell us.

I love your memories. Ok. Your mother's memories.


Anonymous said...

She looks exactly like the woman next to the bride in the previous picture of the wedding.