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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rest In Peace, Uncle Barb

Almost thirteen years to the day that he entered our home, Uncle Barb has gone to his reward. For six months before he entered our house, Uncle Barb lived a happy life in our back yard annoying the cat, angering the dog and biting the backs of my legs as I hung laundry on the line.
But, late one Sunday night in October an unexpected snowfall occurred. As we opened the door to enter the house, Uncle Barb pushed his way past all of us and to the great dismay of Maggie and Niki, we now had a third pet.
We hadn't yet had him for a year when he developed a very serious ailment. One night we put him to bed in the basement quite sure that he would be no longer in the morning. But, there he was, barely alive. THGGM brought him to the vet to have him put down. Instead, they diagnosed a problem that could be fixed for $150.00. Subsequent visited pushed the price over $500. Oh, that was a tense time, as he required medications and odd little routines to keep him 'going'. These are things that cause one to develop strong attachments to a feline.
It was also at that time that our vet assured us that Barb was a boy.
Uncle Barb did earn his keep. One night, while all of our kids were gone for the week and our other pets were sleeping, Uncle Barb made one of those weird growls that cats do on occasion. He came down the stairs with a bat hanging out of his mouth.
And let's not forget the day I had a bunch of friends over. As we sat around the table crafting I dropped something. When I reached down to retrieve it, I noticed there at my feet was the severed head of a mouse, compliments of Uncle Barb.
Another time while living at the house of seventy X seven mouses I slid, slipped and fell on something wet on my kitchen floor. On further inspection, I had landed on the remains of several pink hairless baby mice that Uncle Barb's sensitive tummy could not tolerate.
Anyone who either knows me or is a long time reader of my blog is well aware that Uncle Barb has almost met his 'end' many many times.
Just over two years ago I never thought that he would live long enough to move to this house. He just was not acting 'right'. I thought that maybe he was just lonely, having gone from living in a home with two other pets and three children to spending his days with just me and THGGM.
Then he started drinking massive amounts of water. His symptoms all sounded so familiar.
Yes. Uncle Barb had diabetes. This meant no commercial cat food. For well over a year now Uncle Barb survived on a diet of mostly rotisserie chicken and some grass from a certain patch in the back yard that served as a side salad when necessary. Sometimes I'd get up early in the morning and cook him chicken. He seemed appreciative, in an old cat sort of way.
Poor old Uncle Barb - almost totally blind, almost totally toothless, diabetic with increasing kidney troubles...
It was time.
This morning he and I spent some time snuggling together on the couch. I reminded him that I made a promise that I wouldn't let him suffer.
I like to keep my promises.
Well, actually, I like to have THGGM carry out my promises.
We were blessed that Uncle Barb was sent to find us. And it was a bonus that he had already been fixed and declawed.
Rest in peace Uncle Barb, and enjoy your reward.


MissKris said...

Oooohhhhhhhh...I'm so sorry to hear about Uncle Barb. I was just telling Dear Hubby about him passing and he said if Chloe dog is still alive when he's on his deathbed he'd want to hold her one more time. It has been a real void in our lives, having to give her away. But she's with our d-i-l's mom in Texas and is thriving there so that's the one consolation of having to give her up.

Karen said...

I'm so sorry about Uncle Barb. It sounds like you had a good life together. It's so hard to let our furry friends go.

Jammie J. said...

I'm so sorry. :(

Mary said...

Sorry about Uncle Barb. I felt a part of his life since I recommended the flea comb for him. What a great name for a cat!

Debra said...

Oh, that's so sad about Uncle Barb. (I loved your stories about him.) I'm thinking about you today. Hugs, Debra

Yvonne said...

I'm so sorry, Judy - I'm going to miss the Uncle Barb stories

Mary Ann said...

So sorry! I will miss your Uncle Barb stories, too. Reminds me of our boy cat named Vicky that we had when we were kids. My sister and I joyfully named our "new" stray cat Victoria aka Vicky and then were told she was actually a neutered male. hahaha

Marguerite said...

Sympathy on your loss. It's so hard to say goodby to our furbabies even when we know it's the right thing to do.

When the kids were young we had a cat who would occasionally bring a screaming bat downstairs from the second floor bedrooms. Amazing how fast we got the door to the backyard open for cat and bat.

Annie said...

Oh dear! I'm almost at this point with my beloved dog Maxine, my heart goes out to you.



Jacquelyn said...

In spite of your loss, you humor is intact! I love your writing! So sorry, know you will miss Uncle Barb terribly. But you kept your promise.

Alaine said...

aw Judy...I know Uncle Barb was a big part of your family and he will be missed. I still miss my cats. There's just something so NICE about a cat.

I wonder if he's sitting on your dad's lap being petted. I'm sure his fleas aren't a problem anymore. :)

Pat said...

Oh my, this is a sad time indeed. Uncle Barb will be missed by all of us who read your blog...but you were a good and loving keeper of this precious/furry friend.
R.I.P Uncle Barb.

daisymarie said...

I don't think the cats were listening when God told Adam he was in charge of the animals. Cats own us. And they steal our hearts too. Bless you for your kindnesses to Uncle Barb.