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Saturday, October 17, 2009


While I worked inside the house, THGGM was mowing the lawn.
He knocked on the back door and told me to get my camera.
He knows what I like.
Weird bugs.
I have a lot of pictures of weird bugs.
The praying mantis is one of the more amazing bugs.
Last year, I posted a great many pictures of a pair of mating matis'.
This year? Just the male, probably waiting for his wife to come bite his head off.
Looks like they were fruitful and multiplied last year.
So, I'll be ready with my camera again next year!
Today at the thrift store I found a children's book about Henry David Thoreau.
Apparently, he wore a hat that had a shelf built into it for carrying his botanical specimens.
I wouldn't want a shelf for bugs in MY hat.
The book also told me that he almost bought a farm, but that deal fell through. He was happy about that, as he didn't want to farm. He was more interested in weeds and undisturbed nature.
If only it were simple to simplify. I find it not to be so.
I think that I have a very nice husband, to interupt his lawn mowing to tell me about a bug.
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Buddy said...

Ugh. There was no warning on this one.

Marguerite said...

Great picture. Tell THGGM thanks for me. Or should I call him THGGYou?

And thank you for taking the picture.

Me said...

Looks just like the fabulous one I saw and photographed when we are in Chicago - aren't they the coolest?