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Monday, October 19, 2009

Treasure Found Under A Bed

These are my grandparents, Bert and Vivian, with their twins, Grace and Alice.

My grandma was five feet tall.
Her girls were undetected identical twins, born on February 27, 1927.

I'm never sure which one is Grace and which one is Alice.

I had never realized this before, but the twins came home from the hospital on their mother's twenty-third birthday.
A very nice present!

In a charming baby book, I found this envelope containing the hair from my mom's first hair cut on May 10, 1928.


Karen said...

Beautiful babies! I love the little momentos. And Butterworth Hospital is a precious name. It sounds like the setting for story.

Jacquelyn said...

Judy, what treasures you have in your possession! Your grandmother was beautiful, so was your mom and you dad so handsome! I LOVE the picture of her in the car!

joyce said...

why can't our babies be born in Butterworth? so pretty.

yikes. I read " a LICE haircut"

call it post-traumatic stress disorder...