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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, and the Sun Shown Bright

I'm handling hymn sing day at the nursing home better now.
At least as long as we don't have to sing "In the Garden".
This time we sang one of MY favorite songs, with the line that I love, "Ponder anew, what the Almighty can do".
I'm pondering.
Anyway.., I brought my mom one of my board books with Bible songs since they can no longer give her a hymn book.
She seemed to enjoy it, and turned the pages each time a new number was called out.

In other news, I FINALLY finished my Alcott biography. I LOVED it. So much I did not know. Next up, I have a book of letters of Nathaniel Hawthorne that looks interesting. Especially now that I know that he bought Fruit lands after the Alcott's abandoned that idea. Daughter bought that book for me at a college book sale. It's green and she knew I collected green books. Then, I plan to move on to Waldon. Bronson Alcott was the main person with whom Thoreau communicated with while living at Waldon's Pond. Then, Emerson. He and Bronson Alcott were friends, then weren't, then were again.
But first, I think I need something light and happy to read. Or, at least not deep.
Tonight I had to return to the eye doctor to have my eyes dilated. I'd forgotten how uncomfortable that is. And, I needed another glaucoma pressure test. As far as my optic nerves and retinas go, all's well. What I do have (not a surprise at all) is ocular hypertension, with readings today of 26. My eyes are still extremely dilated, which just may mean no reading for me tonight.
Seriously. I do need to learn Braille. Of course, since my finger tips are numb, I'll have to learn to read it with my elbow or something.


Jacquelyn said...

"Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation..." that's one of my favorites also!

Judy, my mom just had to give up driving. (thank God she made the right decision)..20 years ago she had two cornea transplants...and now she is suffering macular degeneration.

Nice photos of your mother..God bless you!

Alaine said...

Oh Judy - take care of your eyes!! I'm terrified of having anything happen to my one good eye...yet I had "elevated" pressure in my "good" eye and I haven't made an appointment to re-check it because I don't want to deal with it. 26 sounds awfully high! Do you have glaucoma? My mom has eyedrops to bring the pressure back down to normal (and she had surgery in one eye to make a "drain" or something). Just PLEASE take care of it. Eyes are nice to have. :) And it's even nicer when they work.