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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

End Migraine Pain Forever

No. I don't have any ideas on how to DO that, but I sooo desire that someday it will happen.

Yesterday afternoon, with NO prior warning, I got sacked with a BAD BAD one.

Thankfully, I was able to sleep and woke up an hour and a half later without it. Or, without the worst of it.

It's still sort of 'over there', to the left of normal.


I didn't get it until I made it safely home from the nursing home, where I found my mom looking chipper and down right pretty! Her hair looked amazing, her skin was glowing and her nails were polished. I, on the other hand, looked like an absolute mess.

And, I ALMOST lost it again. Those hymns. Those hymns filled with such hope sung by so many who will live out the rest of their lives in a nursing home.., well.., it gets me every time.

Both crying and trying not to cry are two of my migraine triggers.

A new resident was sitting at the table with us. She is there for physical therapy as she learns to live without a recently amputated foot.


Let's end THAT forever, too.


Echoes From the Hill said...

You are so right about trying not to cry bringing on a horrendous headache. I can also relate to the crying when nursing home residents sing. Just know she is content, and isn't aware that she has Alzheimer's.

Karen said...

My good friend goes for acupuncture for migraine relief and has found success with it.

Pat said...

It certainly sounds like you Mother is in a wonderful facility, looking all stylish with her nails done and all! That is so much to give thanks for.
I keep you in my prayers...no more migranes!

Anvilcloud said...

Sorry about that blasted headache. Maybe we will end them someday.

Debra said...

Hoping you are feeling better today! Have you ever tried the food diary thing so to find a common pattern in when your headaches come on? Or not just a food diary but one which will show what you were doing before the headache arrived? You've probably done both of these already... Just thought I'd ask, though, because I've heard they can help a lot. Wishing you the very best!! Hugs, Debra

MissKris said...

My d-i-l has suffered almost daily with migraines since giving birth to Cooper. I don't know how she copes, what with the insane pace she has to live her life at. I had them in my younger years but once I got into the early menopause years they eased up and I rarely get them tho I suffer fiercely with sinus headaches. But at least those aren't ALL the time.