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Friday, December 04, 2009

She Gets Ideas

Every year this happens. I tell myself that I will NOT let it happen again, but it does. I get ideas. And, when I get ideas that sound FABULOUS in November, by December they are found to be really Really REALLY bad ideas.
Now, I DO like the Snowmen shadow box. But, I cannot bring myself to stick anything down permanently, because once I do it will BECOME a stupid idea. And, since nothing is glued down I can change it up, which I've been doing.

All my life I have ADORED making dioramas. I could not understand it when the other kids would complain about it. My mom would even save shoe boxes for me just for such an occasion. So, I THOUGHT it would be fun, and maybe even something I might be good at. You know, like people might want them as gifts.

Even Jonge was appalled. He picked up the moose and asked in an accusatory sort of way if I had taken it from his animal box. I had. But, the crazy thing would not stand up!
There is another SO bad that even I won't show it. Maybe next July I'll tinker with them some more (which is telling. i throw nothing away before it's time.) and line them up on a basement shelf as a reminder that not all ideas are good ones.

This is from the shelf over my pink toilet. I still think "over my pink toilet" is a great phrase. Sort of like "over my dead body" but a bit prettier.

I found a star pin for a dollar at the thrift store yesterday. I've been carrying it to all corners of my home trying to find a place for it to rest.

I cannot tell what it is made out of, but it is very nice. It has a very sturdy pin back, which makes me happy.
I don't know why.
Maybe because I'm just sooo easily satisfied.
Yes. That must be it.


Jeanie said...

I'm impressed with anyone who comes up with the phrase "over my pink toilet" and actually has something so pretty there, and who can also create a shadow box. I am a tad creativity challenged.

Anvilcloud said...

My toilet is green and there's nothing pretty over it. What does that say about me?