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Friday, August 19, 2011

Over My Pink Toilet

(Still think that's a great phrase, "over my pink toilet'". )

I had a lovely day Wednesday going to lunch at the Olive Garden with both of my sisters, then shopping at World Market. It was great fun.

Of course, you know that while I am out and about I have to stop into the local thrift stores too. At one of them I found the hands vase(www.simplythrift.blogspot.com). So, of course I needed to find a place for it in my pink bathroom. It has found a home, over my pink toilet.

THGGM does not like it. Not at all. He said his grandmother used to have one. Anyway, I usually do care A LOT about what he thinks, but he has his own bathroom and will never have to look at it if he doesn't want to.


Tournesol said...

You sure do have a knack for arranging things, I really like it. Pink bathroom is nice. Remember back when toilet paper was colored too?

Melissa said...


Echoes From the Hill said...

Separate bathrooms makes for a happy marriage!