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Thursday, September 01, 2011

On Thursday We Made Books

This was an exciting project for Jonge, as he could draw and bind his book all by himself.

His book is about a boy named Robert who had a snail. Robert was shy about going on stage. And Robert's dad didn't want the snail any more so they had to give it to the zoo.

I just LOVE books written and illustrated totally by a child. His book has no 'written' words, which is handy because he is able to make his book interesting to whomever he is telling it to.

There were WAY MORE warnings in it when he told it to Famke than when he told it to me.

My book was about a farmer named Old MacDonald. Ever heard of him?

He had a farm.

Of course, I took many pictures of my book also.

Not until I put the pictures on my computer did I notice that in the back ground of my pictures, Jonge appears grinding my colored pencils down to nubs.

See what I mean?

But, wow.

On his own he came up with a 'new' (to him anyway) color medium.

Colored pencil shavings!

This original work of art now proudly hangs on my refrigerator.


Janie Fox said...

that looks fun. I may need to do this with my bunch.

Rebecca said...

I'm familiar with YOUR story. You should record "Robert and the Snail"! I'll bet it is a hoot.

daisymarie said...

I love the creative mind. How fortunate to have an original Jonge, one you can point back to when his famous. :) And how blessed he is to have such a ingenious and creative Bepe.