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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Just this sweetheart today.

While she was with me I even managed to finish my book, Jacob's Ladder, and I also worked on stamping some cards.

Normally Hertsje is a very eager eater.  Today she fed most of her lunch to Zeke.

This is the face of a little girl who is feeding her cheese to Zeke while I am telling her not to.

She just cannot figure out what my problem is.

I spent the evening getting some pictures ready for my Simply Thrift blog.  Maybe tomorrow night I'll get some of them posted.

Now I am off to find another book to read.  I welcome any and all suggestions!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Darling girl!
I just published the comment meant for this post below.
Part of the thing with kids and dogs is they really enjoy watching the puppy respond enthusiastically every. time. :) Later the dog will end up being offered things like brocolli and green beans!!
Have you ever published your reading list? I would be interested in it, in case you ever decide to do such a thing.
Enjoy your day.