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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saturday Basketball Game

 Our boy Jonge is number 23, with the cool blue shoes.
 Most weeks Jonge has the largest cheering section.  I do believe Kado just comes for the "concessions", as the game holds no interest to him.
 This basketball program is called "Upword".  Have you heard of it?  Several churches just south of here have joined together to make this possible for the kids.  I am impressed, and I do not impress easily.  Jonge has learned so much.
This week they beat a team that was previously undefeated.  They learned about poor sportsmanship for sure.  The other team would not say 'good game' and a few of their players cried.  Even some grandparents became extremely obnoxious.  Both teams played very well.  One team just scored one more basket.  

And this is what a happy winner looks like!


Anonymous said...

In our country we say; giving a good example makes good followers. Grandparents behaving badly, well, you can wait for the following of the grandchildren in their footprints. Well behaving parents and grandparents makes for wellbehaving children. What a nice thing churches going together to make having fun for youngsters possible. tw, do your grandchildren skate? The Dutch winners at the Olympics were either Frisian or Frisian coached and trained. Just skating for fun is fine too, one goes three times faster then running! Because of my little handicap I can not skate anymore and after 40 years, I am still missing it. Mind you, I was never a fast or good skater, but I enjoyed the activity very much. I user to skate at "Friese doorlopers, houtjes" wooden skates with leather straps, go ogle them. DM

Tournesol said...

Good for Jonge! Im with Kado,the concessions area the best part of most games : )