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Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break Is Over

 Spring Break is over and I haven't posted any pictures yet.  I've been a bit slow lately.  Two weekends ago I fell in our garage.  I think I'm beginning to get around better.  But you know me, not one to complain!  Since it was Monday today, we made things!  Who knew how much fun it was to add googly eyes and playdoh!  Did you know?  Sometimes I think I'm the last person to hear about fun stuff like this.  So if you didn't know, now you do!  And even if you do not have little people around, get some playdoh and some googly eyes for yourself.  Are there any careers that revolve around making things out of playdoh?  Because once these kids are all in school, I'm going to need something to do.  And I think I really like making things out of playdoh and googly eyes better than just about anything.


Rebecca said...

I rather doubt you are the "last to know"... Wish I had some googly eyes. (I think I have some playdoh SOMEwhere around here.)

Sorry about your fall. I can relate.

Melissa said...

I get distracted by life and rarely post and you have new and older grandkids (how do they get so big so fast?)

I am glad you are improving. We all got sick this weekend at/after the homeschool conference in Duluth - it is a slow recovery - they are frustrating aren't they? Slow recoveries that is.

Anonymous said...

Judy, I think we, above 50, many times let out a big sigh of relief for just not falling (this time). Just as our attentionspan is getting lower, we need to pay more attention to how we walk (and talk, ahem). Other then children we get less bouncy, but I am glad you are getting better (and the bruises from black to purple/red?). See, I know. Who is that gorgeous fellow at the start of this blog? And that career? How about animation movies, they use(d)claydoh all the time, the googly eyes are an improvement. Have a nice Easter, all of you. DM