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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Guess What Happened to Judy?

Yesterday my sister and I drove to Kalamazoo to visit our oldest sister.  On our way, we stopped at a thrift store in Dorr.  I found something that I have been looking for for at least 15 years.  Dishes just like my mom used to have!  No one can remember what she did with them, probably sold them when they moved out of the house they had lived in for over 50 years.  She had given me a cup and saucer when I got married, and after she had gone into a nursing home my dad gave me a bowl and a very small platter.  He didn't remember what happened to the rest of them either.  In a bin on the floor were eight plates, four soup bowls, four berry bowls, and a platter.  As I was holding the bin while waiting in line to cash out one end of the plastic bin broke and EVERYTHING fell to the floor.  It made the most incredible sound - you know - like broken hopes and dreams.  But guess what?!  ONLY the bin broke.  Not one of the dishes in it even had a chip (except the one they threw in for free - and that chip was already there).  So now I am the happy owner of these dishes.  I'll continue to look for cups and saucers, because it is always fun to hunt for things, at least I think so.


Karen said...

Oh, my heart sank when you said they all dropped to the floor. What a treasure for you! And they are so pretty!

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Oh What beautiful dishes!!! And it is amazing that they made it through that ordeal! What a miracle!! Lisa :O)

Rebecca said...

Ditto to Karen said! My heart took a plunge, too! Hope you have much success is adding cups & saucers. (Did you know I used to live near K'zoo?)

Rebecca said...

WHAT (Karen said)

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

As did mine!

Many warm and fuzzy memories to you.