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Friday, November 21, 2014

Wasn't It JUST Halloween?!

 This is what I made for the grandkids on Halloween!

 I only saw Hertsje and Broeder in costume.  They were adorable.  It was a nasty night for trick-or-treating this year.
THGGM and I were home on Halloween night.  We did not get any trick-or-treater's, but funny how that candy disappeared anyway.

My new hobby since I went for weeks and weeks without internet?   Bird watching.  We have a pair of blue jays, a pair of cardinals, buckets full of sparrows which are sprinkled around as hawk food (or so it seems) and just today Daughter looked out the window and saw a pair of nuthatches.


Rebecca said...

I WONdered where you were! Now I know.

Mitzi said...

So glad you are back!
Hope you made it through all of the snow this past week.

Yvonne said...

It has been strangely quiet....missed you!