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Monday, December 01, 2014


 I found this book at a thrift store a few weeks ago.  Since my children were small I have been a fan of Peter Spier.  This book has no words.  It is filled with charming pictures of a family as they go through the Christmas season.  I LOVE it!
 My hope was to purchase a copy for the grand kids to have at their houses.  But, much to my dismay it is no longer in print!

It also made me realize where my love for the Sketch Effects came from!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am crossstitching (3 sés) the Tailor of gloucester right now, of course a tale of Beatrix Potter. I love the picture, but not the chard, backstitching in at least 9 colours makes an untidy total, me thinks, but you can easily recognize who is ment to be there. I have chards for many more BB animal-ages (as in persongaes) of BB, luckily from an other firm and with almost no backstitching and as easy recognisable. I read about you finding a book and I found one a few weeks ago at a thrift for next to nothing: The wind in the willows. Now, if you see a hole in the air somewhere, that is where I jumped it. Finally this Dutch woman will be able to read the whole story about these animals instead of just seeing a picture now and then with one phrase beneath it. I think these books belong to the "golden oldies", never to be forgotten, The drawings are marvelous. Back to xstitching again, the sooner the tailor is finished, the sooner I can start with a more pleasing chard. Happy Christmasshopping, have you ordered your special Snterklaascookies this year? DM