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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Ten Random Thoughts

1.  I just wasn't sleepy last night.  So I uploaded to the Royal effects in PicMonkey.  I do so very much enjoy PicMonkey.  It allowed me to add a few cute little elves to the bunch.  Who doesn't need little elves to fill in the blank spaces?
2.  Yesterday I got a cell-phone.  I know.  It's 2014.  You may applaud, if you like.  Who knows?  In 2015 I might actually USE it!
3.  In November I read the book "Unbroken".  Now I am really excited to see the movie, which comes out this month.  It will probably be a year or two before I see it, like when it shows up on a random movie channel.  I really wanted to see "Lincoln" when that came out, and I just watched it last week.
4.  Our new WiFi provider is working out nicely.  THGGM and I can be on our computers at the same time AND also have our phones plugged in.  Technology is very nice, I have to admit that, but it is NOT easily available to all.  Seriously.
5.  When we did not have internet access, I was a much more peaceful person.  For some reason (INTJ?) I am DRIVEN to know what everybody thinks about everything, and it was very nice to only have to know what a few people thought a few times a day.  I also learned that thinking about things that you cannot do anything about isn't a good thing to do.
6.  Do you know what the BIGGEST downside of not having internet was?  ALL of my ideas and recipes were TRAPPED inside my computer!  Of course, you say, I could have gone somewhere to use their free WiFi.  Sure I could have, but I've READ ABOUT how easily it is to steal personal information from those free servers.  And, I do not have a car, so I would have had to carry my laptop across a very busy road to go to Russ' to find out how to make that thing I was craving.  Having to do that was enough to take away any cravings I might have had.  And, after all, I would have been at Russ' and would have just bought a SlimJim and called it good.  Because they ARE good (now i want a slimjim).
7.  I have begun my Christmas reading.  But I cannot find my favorite Christmas anthology!  I have found a large amount of other missing things while looking for it, which is a nice bonus, but still no book.
8.  Another mystery!  While we did not have WiFi, I was still able to get online on my Kindle and could actually ORDER books to read!  How is that possible???  I actually ordered a book I did not want, just because I didn't think it would work (doesn't everyone?).  Anyway.., I have no idea how this could have been possible to do, but I did it (quite often, actually...).
9.  Sometime soon I am going to get new flooring in my kitchen.  This is how I KNOW.  The flooring in the kitchen in this house, where we have lived for seven years now, and the flooring in our last home where we lived for 9 years, is/was the very same gold color floor that we had had in a different home we lived in for two years.  I can't say that I HATE it, as it does "go" and is obviously VERY durable. But then something (dishwasher?) was leaking, and it sounded squishy under there.  So, I asked THGGM to cut a chunk of it out to see what was happening under there.  What was happening was that the sub-flooring was warping.  And, no, there wasn't nice hard wood floors like everywhere else in this house.  So, as soon as we find out what was leaking, we shall have to have our floor repaired and new floor covering put in!  And who says that I never see the silver lining...  Oh, and as for the large hole in the flooring.., it doesn't show THAT much if one leaves the dishwasher door open.
10.  Oh, and one of the books that I ordered for my Kindle was "Stuff - Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things" which is a very good book.  And guess what kind of hoarder I am?  I am the kind that cannot get rid of things based on it's possible future potential.  I see potential in nearly everything. Sometimes I even do make it happen.  But mostly I like to have things on hand for it's potential possibilities. Case in point:  I bet I have over a hundred mini aluminum jello molds.  Because ONCE I saw a cool craft idea using them.  I've made a few.  Truly, I have.  But even I can see that a hundred mini jello molds is a bit obsessive.  And the thought of getting rid of even one of them makes me cranky (it isn't just houston who has a problem...).


Rebecca said...

You ARE a hoot!
And guess what?! It isn't just Houston (or Judy) who has a problem.

Mitzi said...

I am reading Unbroken right now. I want to get the book read before the movie comes out on Christmas. It is a tradition to take in a couple movies over the Christmas holidays. Loved reading your list of 10 things. You are a very neat gal!

Alice said...

You still crack me up.
Wow, the kids are getting big.
And . . .
I love the picture