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Sunday, February 01, 2015

On Saturday Morning

 It's interesting where M6 crosses over Clyde Park Ave.  I find things like this fascinating.
 Since it was still Kado's "sleep-over" he also got to choose where we went to breakfast.  He chose Arnie's!  Yay!

 Oh, look!  Finally a red light.  Where are they when you need them?
 Our next stop was the thrift store.  Even though I had just been there the day before with my sister, I still managed to find a few things, and even stayed in my budget.  Kado found two little stuffed dogs that made him very happy.  He likes to collect things.  Not sure where he gets that from.  We also found a Potato Head Car!  Both of us were thrilled with that!  Kado has a large collection of Potato Heads at his house, but he thought it would be best if I kept the car here, because he knew Broeder would LOVE it!

Oh, and look!  I found three spoons to add to my spoon collection.  Because.  Just because.  Does there have to be a reason for everything?  No.  There does not.  At least not when it comes to collecting things.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

No. One doesn't need a reason (although that's gotten me into a rather-cluttered-state that needs to be addressed in the very near future).

I wonder what all I've missed in the Potato Head line since I abandoned it many moons ago????

What a happy birth day that must have been :)