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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Even on Wednesdays We Make Things

 Today was Feintsje's day to not feel so well.  He was up to stamping with his cars and truck stamps.  And he is crazy about the number stamp, so that entertained him for a while.
 But then he got tired, and asked to watch his favorite shows on TV.

Since it isn't wise for me to move a dining room table covered in stamps and stamp pads and markers and pencils into the den, I grabbed a few things and followed him in there.
While he enjoyed Caillou and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood I drew pictures of coffee cups.
In my defense, he did keep bumping my arm.  But he is cute and cuddly, so I don't mind.  Much.

I also drew a picture of Buzz Lighyear's detached arm.  No one can find the rest of Buzz.  I'm sure that some night we will awaken to the sound of Buzz announcing "To infinity, and beyond!" and I will know that he is still with us, somewhere.  But for now, I keep finding things to do with his arm.

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