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Monday, March 23, 2015

It Is Monday Again

Famke was here in the afternoon, as she was not feeling well, again.  Poor girl.

But after a bit of rest she perked up and was happy to  join me in drawing random things.

These are very small drawings.  She did a "spot on" drawing of my coffee cup.
 I attempted to draw a beach scene with birds from a picture I took last year.  Have I mentioned lately how much FUN I am having?  Oh,  I did.  Yes.  I did.
 When Jonge got here he showed us how to make origami boats.
And this is an Easter basket.  Seriously.  I am having sooo much fun!


*Reading Between the Lines* said...

Glad you are having fun drawing. It's nice that you can create things with your Grandchildren.
Take care,
Nancy from Montana

Tournesol said...

Great drawings! Looks like a lot of fun : )

Anonymous said...

You know, pick a eastery daily paper page or even some big advertisement folder and let Jonge fold a huge-ish boat. Fill with boiled real eggs or chocolate eggs around the rim. Easter is all around and it makes boys help enjoiyng girlish events even more. DM