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Monday, March 02, 2015

Manufacturing Spring

 Last Wednesday night I crawled into bed feeling sort of sick.  That lasted about an hour.  After that, "sort of" doesn't even begin to describe it.  Ugh.  By Sunday afternoon I was a bit cabin fever-y, which isn't something that happens to me very often.  I LOVE to stay home!  But, I busted out of here long enough to go to MIchael's where I purchased basket filler and a bouquet of fake Lilies of the Valley.
 Today my handsome helper and I set about removing any reminders of winter and adding little touches of spring.  Feintsje is a good helper, and made sure to smell every candle in the house.  Although I much prefer REAL Lilies of the Valley, the fake ones will just have to do until the real ones arrive.  It's still going to be a loooong time before those enter the scene.

I did try to get a good picture of our handiwork.  But, without a flash it was just too dark, even though the sun was shining.  With the flash, everything looked all washed out.  So, I just HAD to use the sketch effects on my camera.

Today I felt sooo much better that I had Green Bean Spaghetti for dinner.  Have you ever had that?  Just replace spaghetti noodles for green beans.  Add spaghetti sauce, top with mozzarella cheese and throw it in the oven.  THGGM adds Italian sausage to his.  It was so delicious that I had seconds!

Then, about two hours later, I had second thoughts.

A half hour after those second thoughts I was right back where I was Wednesday night.  So, I do highly recommend the Green Bean Spaghetti, just wait a few days longer if you are getting over a case of  the stomach/intestinal flu.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Love green beans. Might just try that.
Hope you have recovered.

Anonymous said...

Adding to that: mark your Lilies of the Valley and your garlic well in your garden. It seems people often mistake the lilies and garlic and eat the lily leaves and bulbs instead of garlic, they are poissonous (even easier to mistake are lillies and wild garlic) please be aware, if in doubt, do not eat, just saying (or you will have wednesday noght all ov er and uglier and maybe even lifethreatening! A good way of marking gardenplants is this: cut open, carefull and with old scissors, a can of soda, empty pf course, cut strips wide enough to fold in three, write with a ballpoint you do not use anymore the name of the plant lenghtwise in the middle, fold both edge behind the writing and place wih plant, this should at least last for a year withoud fading. Can you see I have springtime wanting written all over my forehead? DM