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Wednesday, March 04, 2015


 Today seemed like as good a day as any for cleaning puzzles.
 We cleaned them, we put them together.  The dinosaur ate them, and then we put them away.
I like days like this.  We read books, played I SPY, and I sang Ten Green Bottles while Feintsje counted them down.  For most of the day all he played with was this dinosaur and a piece of ribbon.

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Anonymous said...

I spy is a sure and fun way to teach children the names of colours and odd things around the house, f.i. in the kitchen on the sink: I spy a wiry thing and it is red; a red nylon whisker (for beating double cream), I found I spy so helpfull in teaching children names they otherwise did not seem to appreciate to learn, there is no fun in: this is red and this is a whisker for children.As soon as they get the understanding you are teaching them names, the fun is over, unless they can outwit the adult. DM