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Monday, April 13, 2015

Last Week Wednesday

 On Wednesday of spring break week it rained.  But I knew that was going to happen, so I was prepared!  This time, we had a REAL tea party - with sliced up swiss cake rolls and chocolate pudding with mini chocolate chips and marshmallows in the tea cups.
 This kids had a fabulous spring break.  On the weekend preceding these pictures their parents took them on a mini vacation to Chicago.  Famke and her mom went to the American Girl doll store downtown and had lunch together their with her doll.  Their entire family went to the LEGO store, where a good time was had by all.  And, because they are brave children with equally brave parents they took the elevator up to the Sky Deck near the very top of the Willis (Sears) tower.  Daughter has a great picture of the ground below as seen through six pairs of feet.  The next day they took a trip to the Brookfield Zoo, which is always a fun place to visit!

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