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Friday, July 24, 2015

In the Summer Time

These guys wanted to paint peg people at the table in the backyard.
This is how I left them.

Famke and I went inside to rubber stamp some cards at the dining room table.
It was not long before a tiger appeared before us.
And next, a pig.

A pig with attitude!
Then another tiger, who stole away my rubber stamping partner.

She is one of those animals with a purple nose and whiskers.

You know.

I didn't, but she sure is good at it!

Now if you are thinking, as was I, that this is a fun summer idea what with the pool out in the backyard for easy clean-up, think again!

I found an abundance of wadded up colorful wet paper towels scattered all around the kitchen sink (they each were several different animals).

I asked what seemed to me to be a reasonable question, "Why didn't you wash off in the pool?"

Oh, these little sweethearts.

Their response?  "Because we didn't want to get the pool water all dirty."

Of course not.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Judy, congratulations with your quickthinking grandchildren. You would have had way more to do cleaning the pool then picking up those paper towels, sweet children they are. And think again, emptying and refilling the pool with such a load of water takes more of your time too. DM