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Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Saturday Thrift Finds

Look at all this wonderful stuff I found  today that I didn't even know I needed!

This isn't all of it either.  THGGM found a loaded picnic basket, four pieces of name brand clothing for 50% off, and two small cranberry glasses that are already sitting on a kitchen window.
Normally, I like the Delft blue, but these colors work on the shelves in my dining room.

Doesn't anybody like this anymore?

I'm finding it frequently.
 And this basket?  I'm always looking for interesting baskets.  For one dollar this is now mine.

And rubber stamps!

I cannot help myself.  I want to own all the rubber stamps that I ever used to want.

Someday, I am going to stamp again.

I am!

I have no idea when, and I'll have to buy some new ink pads, but I have decided to do this.



One must know what the Constitution says.

I wish it had pictures.

I also bought a kids book that shows cross-sections of cars.  It interested me, so I figured I know some car loving boys who would enjoy it too.

Once I got it home I noticed it was published in 1994.

Do you think the insides of cars have changed much in the past twenty-one years?  Maybe the kids won't notice.

The little purse is cute!  Don't you think?  I used to have a lot of purses, but I got rid of them the last time we moved.  It's been almost eight years.  I'm starting to build up an inventory again.

This little Dutch boy caught my eye.  It seems he was made to sit inside a little cup.  I have little cups, so he has made himself at home in my cupboard of various and sundry Delft blue stuff.

T'was a GOOD Saturday morning.


Melodee said...

Cute stuff!

Rebecca said...

Oh, what fun you had!

Anonymous said...

If you still have the dried-up inkpads you can consider buying refilling ink for the pads, much cheaper then buying new ones and no spoiling either. DM