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Saturday, July 04, 2015

On Thursday We Went to the ZOO

THGGM had the day off on Thursday.  On Wednesday I found out that Hertsje and Broeder's mommy had to go into work early.

Suddenly I got this idea (well, mostly the idea came from Famke) that we should go to the zoo!
And so we did!

Normally, I am anything BUT spontaneous,  but on Thursday morning it all worked out.
Daughter has a membership, and so for all nine of us it cost a mere $8.00, as THGGM and I went as her guests.

How cool is that?
Anyway.., Famke had spent the night with us so she could help us get the little cousins ready.  And because she loves to stay and we love to have her.
John Ball Zoo is a VERY nice zoo.  If you are ever in Grand Rapids, I highly recommend it.  
I'll post more pictures of our trip later.

Ha ha.  OF COURSE I will.

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