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Friday, July 03, 2015

The Brother's Birthday Party!

Last Saturday was the PERFECT day to celebrate Kado's sixth birthday and Feintsje's fourth birthday!
Daughter and Son-in-law are excellent hosts, and have a great back yard that feels more like a park.
There was family, food, cake and ice cream, and PRESENTS!
The birthday boys did enjoy the presents!
They are blessed, and one can only hope that they never forget this as they grow-up.  
Charley had a good time too.

The birthday party boys even shared their new toys with each other.  
And there were games!
Kado, such a gift.  As is Feintsje.
Everybody got into the fun.  Even the big kids.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

There was something very winsome about the words "They are blessed, and one can only hope that they never forget this as they grow-up".

YOU are blessed (as you know) to have your sweet family near enough to celebrate these special days. I'm wondering where you'll be gathered for today (the 4th). Seems I remember you do it up right.....

Us? Hubby is officiating at a wedding this afternoon and I'll be playing the piano. Our neighbors celebrated well into the morning hours this morning. I hope for a nap before the wedding! :)