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Friday, July 10, 2015

This Week It Was On Wednesday that We Made Things

We have been having the PERFECT summer weather!
Well, it is my idea of perfect.

Not too hot, not too humid, not too sunny.
 Just right for watercolor painting at the picnic table in the backyard.

On this morning, Famke and I were painting together.

The boys trickled out one at a time to join us.

It was fun!

Then at about four in the afternoon, Famke and I decided to paint again.

Only Kado came to join us.

He was very frustrated with how it was going.

Famke was very encouraging to him.

He stayed with it.

Kado ended up doing some great paintings of the Little People.
And this is his first attempt EVER at an American Flag!
He also painted his dog, Charley.
One of my favorite things about any sort of art or craft with children is just listening to them talk while they work.

Both Famke and Kado said that they don't think they are very good at art at school.  Mostly because it must be done a certain way.

That's the beauty of painting at the picnic table in the backyard in the summer!

They can experiment with art without feeling like it has to be like everyone else's.

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