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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Allegan Antique Market

Today started with breakfast at Cherie Inn.

It's the longest running restaurant in Grand Rapids.  We've have been there a few times now, but always get lost.  Thankfully, it is in our GPS, so when we remember that we actually HAVE GPS and USE it, it gets us there.

It's in East Hills where Diamond, Cherry, and Lake Dr. come together.

I've had the Crab Cakes Benedict, and it is amazing.  Today I had the plain Eggs Benedict and loved that too.

After breakfast we drive to Allegan to go to the Antique Market.

This is the first time we've gone this year, and it was great!
I went with these guys.  Mostly we just walked around looking at the unique variety of old stuff.  Nobody bought anything except for me.  I bought three old brown bottles to add to my growing old brown bottle collection.
I'm still working on fall decor, but I'm slowly getting there!  This needs tweaking, as it doesn't look very balanced to me.  It looks very pretty after dark though, when it lights up the dining room in a way that I find pleasing.


Mitzi said...

We were in Allegan too. I just knew that you would be there too. It was very crowded. We walked the whole thing and at the very end I made a small purchase of two Johnson Brothers mugs.

rebecca said...

Old brown bottles make for exceptional autumn decor!

Judy said...

Oh, Mitzi, I would have LOVED to have run into you there!