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Friday, August 14, 2015

It Was Monday, So of COURSE

 We made things!  I made a collage using a bunch of travel brochures I've collected.  Me being ME, I thought everyone would want to do this.  It involved scissors and glue, what's not to love?

 But the builders wanted to build,  They created a town.  A VERY large complicated town
 Although after lunch, when there were still pretzels on the table, a few more crafters joined Famke and me.  These pretzel necklaces were fun to make!  The eating?  Not so much.  Little bits of yarn wanted to cling to the salt.  So if you choose to do this, I'd suggest using ribbon instead of yarn.

 Later in the day it started to look like rain again, so I sent everyone out to bring in the outdoor toys.  While they were accomplishing this, it started to rain, so some of them asked if they could take off their shirts and dance around in the rain!  Oh, what FUN!  Until suddenly an ENORMOUS boom came from the sky.  In seconds they were all back inside, waiting for it to stop.  But the weird thunder kept happening.  The sky was a beautiful blue with soft puffy white clouds in the backyard, while on the driveway side of the house the sky was totally gray.  And that was Monday.

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