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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our Vacation

Since Saturday we have been at an adorable cottage in the city of Holland on Lake Michigan.
The view from our bedroom window.
It has been owned by the same couple for fifty years.  It is obvious that they love it - and each other - as they have been married for 68 years.
Daughter-in-law2's family has rented it for many many years.  And she and Youngest Son spent the weekend of their fifth anniversary here last year.
I cannot begin to tell you how much I love it's rustic vintage charm!

I doubt if anyone else will ever be as interested in these pictures as I am, but I love it here and want to remember every inch of it.

I am in love with the kitchen.

And it got even better upon opening up cupboards to find the cutest in vintage kitchenware.
See all the cottages?

All with astounding views of Lake Michigan.
Since Lake Michigan is so high this year the actual sandy part of the beach is very narrow.  But it's Lake Michigan, so who cares?!

The sandy spot where you can see grandchildren sitting is up a flight of stairs from the water.

Those are new stairs, as the previous ones, like others all along the shore were washed away  earlier in the year.
 This deck.  This deck is PERFECT.
THGGM got to work vacationing right from the get-go.

I walked around with my camera doing what I do.

Isn't this adorable?


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Yvonne said...

Really, really cute!!