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Monday, September 14, 2015

Saturday at Grand Haven State Park

The sky was so beautiful, with clouds rapidly changing their formation.

The sun would come and go making it interesting to take pictures.

And, as always, there was sand to play in.
 I sat in the sand, and only required a bit of help getting back up!

Someday I suspect that THGGM and I will be featured on the news, stranded on a beach due to our inability to get back up after we sit down without the aid of armrests to launch us up again.

It's embarrassing, but not enough to stop us from doing it.

Maybe we should get one of these, at least to get us off the ground.
See what I mean about the sky and the water?

I took SO many pictures because it was changing so quickly.
We had such a good time on Saturday, that we went back to the beach on Sunday.

But this time we brought along the oldest three grandchildren.

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