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Thursday, October 29, 2015

When They Don't Nap

On Wednesday, while we pretended that Broeder was napping, although we all knew that he wasn't, Feintsje and Hertsje took turns with the kinetic sand and Playdoh.  These two have great fun together. Hertsje buried money in her sand, and then dug them out again.  Feintsje made imprints of whatever he could find, and then served them to me as "pancakes".  Then they traded seats and did all of the amazing things they saw the other one do plus a few ideas of their own.  I think they could have done this all day long.

Broeder is just two, and LOVES to throw things.  This doesn't work out well with sand or Playdoh.  So we only do these things while he is napping, or in this case, when we are pretending he is napping.

What he was really doing was knocking on the bedroom door saying, "Guys!  Guys!  Hey guys!  I'm not in my bed anymore! Guys!"

It also seems he opened up a jar of dried lavender and spread it around.

So much for lavender and it's calming effects as a sleep aid.
After he got up for real, he didn't seem any worse for not having had a nap.

And, at his restaurant in the toy room he makes me whatever meal I want.

As long as I want coffee.

Which works just fine for me.

Because when he doesn't nap, all I want is coffee.

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