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Sunday, November 01, 2015

I Found It!

There has been much rejoicing over here!  I found my Kindle Fire, which has been missing for almost seven months!

All I could remember was that I put it away Easter Sunday morning to get it out of the way for Easter Sunday dinner.

But where, I had NO IDEA!

Today I was doing some picking up around the kitchen.  I was emptying out a bag that had a few boost
bottles that I had been saving, so I opened up the picnic basket under the buffet in the kitchen (i have three of them under there) where I knew I had other bottles stored when I noticed an electrical cord.

I followed it to the very bottom of the picnic basket where I found my missing Kindle Fire.

There are not enough words to describe my happiness at finding it.

Even though I can't remember putting it in there, I do remember putting the half and half containers and the boost bottles in there.  I remember this because I had plans for us to make barns and silos out of them over spring break.  We never made them (anyone want to make barns and silos?  i can set you up!).
Oh, and if perchance you are interested in what is in the other two picnic baskets (i tell you right up front that i am boring) One holds the decorations for my kitchen Christmas tree, and the other is full of rubber stamps - mostly bird rubber stamps.
In other boring news, today I also sorted my Prisma colored pencils!  I put them in a great place, but also made sure that I told a few people where they are.  You know, just in case I forget where they are.  It is exciting like that over here nearly every day.  Seriously.
In closing I shall note that it is still lovely out my living room window.

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