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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On Monday We Made Things!

We were busy at the dining room table on Monday.

There were things to be made!

As I have learned through experience, I just sit down and start making something without a huge announcement about how FUN it's going to be.

And I don't give detailed suggestions any more either.  These kids are each creative enough to figure out their own way.

If they want help, they'll ask for it.
We talked about the Christmas story, and how few details are actually known about what it was like.
Kado REALLY threw himself into his work.  He required no help at all, except for the use of the hot glue gun.
Jonge even built a manger.

It doesn't show up well in this picture, but it was his own creation.

This one is Famke's.

She is a purist.

There is no baby Jesus because it is still the advent season so he hasn't been born yet.

The only part I planned out was to have the manger scenes be mostly neutrals.
If you notice that Feintje is absent from the pictures, it is because he does not seem to have the craft gene.
Today I had plans to make these with Hertsje while Broeder napped (Broeder doesn't have the sit down gene) but just before they were to arrive, I got hit with what I am presuming is the bug that's been going around.  All I shall tell you is that it is most unpleasant.

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Lisa in Texas = ) said...

What an awesome idea! I loved how each of the children have their own way of doing things! What a great Grammie you are to allow them the freedom to be themselves. Lisa :0)