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Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Saturday Thrift Finds

 Wow.  It was another GREAT Saturday at the thrift store.  I found even MORE material to use for eventual AG Doll furniture.  I also found a cute box to use as a coffee table/foot stool for her brown couch.  It fits nicely.  I'd show you but it is all in the basement now, until after Easter when I have plans to turn a small corner of the basement into an AG Doll play area.  This may never happen, but I am going to give it my best shot.  I've looked at a lot of ideas for AG Doll houses, but they look so squished to me.  My hope is to have enough room for three dolls, two girls, and one old lady (me!) to play in there together.  With the doll houses one is rather stuck just moving the dolls about in a very small area.  But, who knows?  Generally I have more ideas than sense, so only time will tell.

This Coats & Clark book was a mere 5 cents, as books were half price!

It's quite possible I will do nothing at all with this book, except to look at it and squeal with delight!

The uncut patterns are still in it!

Oh, my!

I have these dreams that I will someday make all the things I dream about someday making.

The rational part of my mind finds this laughable.

The dreamy part of my mind dreams on...

It even has crochet patterns.

I don't happen to like them, but, there they are!
1964.  I REMEMBER 1964.

I was six.
This books is now ten years old, but still worth it!

I was SO excited to find it!

It's Sally from Mostly Hearts on Wealthy St. across from Blodgett Hospital.

She isn't there anymore, and I miss her.

Sally had a lovely rubber stamp store in her beautiful home on Fisk Lake.  My mom and I used to make a day of it, go out to lunch and then to Sally's to buy rubber stamps.

A few times, we even went there when my dad was in the hospital.

This book was a buy at 50 cents, as books were half off on Saturday.
And last but not least, a LONG strand of jet black glass beads!  I've been know to take old necklaces apart to make bracelets.  But I think I shall keep these as a necklace, since I already have the bracelets and earrings to match.


rebecca said...

"....more ideas than sense"! I can so relate
Fortunately (or un-, depending how you look at it), I don't have 1/10th the energy that you have!
I DO love those jet beads, by the way.

Karen said...

Love, love that book with the patterns! I remember growing up, a friend and her mother made a huge Barbie dollhouse in their basement. Each room was from a cardboard box, and they were all set up on a tables in the middle of the basement, so you could walk around and access every room. They made all the furniture and everything. You're going to have so much fun!