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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt

And the winner of the most inventive hidden egg goes to my nephew Chris, also known as Uncle Cousin.
He seems to be overjoyed with his win, even though there is no actual prize other than his picture being put on my blog, read by tens.
 Many eggs are hidden in plain sight.  Those ended up being some of the last eggs discovered.  Funny how that works.
 Wait Broeder!  You must wait until Beppe says ONE, TWO, THREE, GO!
 Jonge will hold you back until it is time!  We try to be all about fairness here.  We fail miserably, yet we DO try.

We also celebrated a seventh birthday!

The paper towel in his hand is because he had a VERY loose tooth.

At the end of all the festivities, it came out.

He swallowed it.  

Now the REAL fun begins!

Not sure why they don't LOOK happy.  It was GOOD stuff in those eggs.
And the basket is full of all the empty eggs, waiting to be refilled NEXT year!  And if you think this was ALL of the fun, after the egg hunt came a birthday party!  We do know how to party over here!

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