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Monday, May 02, 2016

It's Monday, So We Made Things!

 Hertsje saw some cute wooden spoon dolls on Pinterest and really Really REALLY wanted to make some!

But when she saw them, I didn't have any wooden spoons.  At least not any that were available for crafting.

I DO have soup that needs stirring from time to time.
So this weekend I made a point of picking up some wooden spoons.  I found a dozen at Micheals.  They are about half the size of my soup stirring variety, and they worked out nicely!  
Even Broeder joined in.

He was taking a nap when we started, but woke up in time to join us!
Broeder took his work VERY seriously.
This is what can only be described as a Broeder face.
Feintsje insisted that his was a PUPPET.  He made bedding for his puppet.  Hertsje made Rapunzel and a wicked step mother.  Broeder asked that I draw a face on this side.  The other side he covered very nicely in blue marker.  And in case you wondered, I made dancing sisters.
This was a fun project for everyone.  All it took were a few simple things.  And, when they were done they ran off to play with them!  I like that.  When they can MAKE something and USE it.
Tomorrow I'm going to see how the butterflies would work as fairy wings on a spoon doll.  Might be cute!

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