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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Last Week Tuesday Morning

This is where we had our Tuesday morning breakfast.

We sat here to think about what we wanted to do with this bright sunshiny morning.

One truly does think better on bright sunshiny mornings on the beach.
First stop, a sugar-free Milky Way grande at Espresso Bay.
Then, a walk around downtown Traverse City, which never disappoints.

Next stop, Sutton's Bay.

Look at all that colorful glass!
And this colorful guy who posed for me!
 I don't want one of these.  I want ALL of them!
 This is my favorite shop in Sutton's Bay, it's a charming, small shop with a friendly shop keeper.
 Of course, we walked along the bay.  I found a heart shaped stone!  And among all the gulls were a pair of beautiful shore birds.
 From Sutton's Bay it was north to Northport.  Both sides of this bridge over a stream had boxes filled with flowers.
 And, there were donuts.  I got a cinnamon twist.  For one dollar.  It was fresh and warm and how could I resist GRANDMA'S donuts.  I could not.

Here, at the donut shop in Northport, I prove to you that my hair is the color of tree bark.

When you see this aqua bike with the yellow flowers, you must turn, travel down a ramp, and entire this lovely, colorful antique shop in Northport.

I forgot to get a picture of the harbor in Northport.  It is beautiful.  But I have several from other years that I can go back, look at, and remember that this gorgeous spot isn't all that far from where I live.  A three hour drive.  Sigh...

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