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Friday, July 15, 2016

Progress, She Makes Progress

All this week my main focus has been clearing out our bedroom and a guest room/toy room so that we can switch them around.  Please do not ask me how that's working out.
Even though you did not ask, I shall tell you.  Because I'm weird like that.
If I were a person who used lots and lots of bad words, I would be doing that right now.  They would all be directed at me, though.  I am the one responsible for this enormous mess.
This week I began to realize that I have been in some sort of weird dream from which I am just beginning to wake up.
After many days of realizing this, all I want to do is to go back to sleep!
It isn't helping that my leg hurts.
It also isn't helping that on Wednesday I wasn't watching where I was going and stepped into the flippy lid of the kitchen trash can (i had just changed the bag and had left the lid on the floor) and sort of skated with it on my foot until I hit the pantry door.
Then yesterday I stepped into the frame on which a globe spins which I had just removed from a closet.  That peeled some skin off the bottom of my toes.  And made my leg feel worse.
But, I am happy to report that progress has been made.  Today was the day I wanted to be done with it. I am nearer, but certainly not there.
I've managed to get rid of three tall kitchen trash bags filled with clothes and ready to donate.  And one bag of things that I had no idea what to do with ready to go too.  Included in this are a number of trash bags filled with actual trash which I was happy to see picked up by EverKept this Friday morning.
Last night I sent Daughter home with the pack-n-play that has been in a corner of our bedroom since we moved in.  It has been in use for 10 1/2 years.  Broeder is three now.  A very big boy no longer in need of a pack-n-play.  Today I washed the bedding from it for the last time. I can see it on the line in the backyard.  It's over.  No babies anymore.
I started in on more laundry.  Bedding from the full bed in the guest room, and bedding from a full size mattress we store under the bed for sleepovers.  And bedding that I have absolutely no idea how it ever got IN that room.   When I got the majority of the bedding downstairs (today i am concentrating on NOT falling) I added two of the best blankets, grabbed the Tide which only had about enough for two loads and added it to the spot where the Downy goes.
Ugh.  So, I'm a bit behind and wondering if it is truly necessary to wash all of this bedding!  But, I know it is.
If this seems loooong and dreadfully boring, I do have somewhat of a point in all of this.
I am only telling you about these two rooms.
These two rooms filled with stuff.  Stuff that I mostly love.
It sounds like I am making progress, and I will give myself credit for that,  but what I'm also noticing is how much stuff I just shoved into other places to deal with "latter".
I've got hoards and hoards of stuff that I see potential in.  I keep it so I'll have it on that one day that never seems to come when I will do just the perfect thing with it.  Sometimes this actually does happen, but mostly I've lost interest.  This week especially I have noticed that when that day DOES come, I just don't feel like doing it anymore.
I have no plans to shovel it all out of here in a hurry.  But I do have plans to stay working at a steady pace.  I cannot organize my way out of this mess.  I shall have to be ruthless.  I've done that before and I know I can do it again.  The real problem seems to be my need to obtain more things I already have and don't use.  I've never tamed that.
The time for doing that is now.
I hope I can stay awake.

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Karen said...

"I'll have it on that one day that never seems to come when I will do just the perfect thing with it." Oh, this is SO me! And I, too, lose interest and keep it, hoping that interest will resurface. I know I have to go through my sewing/craft supplies because they are taking up valuable space in a closet that would be handy for so many other things in this house. Sigh. I think you've encouraged me, just a little.