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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Last Week Wednesday at the Cottage

Wednesday was filled with interesting clouds, skies, and waves!

The clouds formed, it rain, the sun came out, more clouds formed, the rain missed us, and the sun came out and stayed out.  
Not too much time had passed between these two pictures!

Oldest Son and DiL1 went for a walk and got caught in a rain storm.  Just as we headed out to look for them, they came up the driveway.  Soaking wet.
As soon as the sun came out again, this guy was in the water, bobbing around on the waves.
DiL1 and I drank coffee and read books on the deck.
Sitting on the deck, or on the bench half way down to the beach gave me a great perspective for taking pictures.
The wave action was pretty good!

Lake Michigan is not to be trifled with.

NO ONE was ever left unattended.
And there is Pake again, bobbing along.
His flotation device is attached securely to an anchor.
If it weren't, he'd be in Racine, Wisconsin by now.
Oldest Son, Daughter, Jonge, and Kado had a great time catching waves together.
The changes in the water color were so interesting to see.  
On at least two separate days we saw the waves change directions right before our eyes.

If the waves aren't enough to wear a body out, the sixty steps back up to the deck will do it!

This is a tired out Famke.

Although she did not remain tired for long, as back into the water she went!

Son-in-law, Daughter, and their children went in just before supper.

Everything looks so different depending on where the sun is.  Well, actually that happens ALL THE TIME, but, I really noticed it on the water!
Happy memories were made this week!
All the bobbing and floating and swimming in the waves made Pake positively sea-sick.

How resting in a hammock helped with that is beyond me.

He and I opted out of dinner with the family and went out to eat.

As soon as he got out of the wind, waves, and humidity, he was fine.

Live and learn.

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