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Monday, September 19, 2016

Just Monday

Hertsje and I had a very good time today.
She is working hard to master the hula hoop.
I found another cardboard suitcase at the thrift store, so we set out to create a house for a few of her favorite dolls.
But then she wanted a pumpkin patch in their yard, and that turned out to be SOO MUCH more fun for her!
I love it when she gets brilliant ideas like this!
But most of the day she spent being a kitty.
This is her, outside, demonstrating for me how a kitty scratches behind its ear.
Then she wanted me to do it.
Much like with the hula hoop, I left it to her to do.
And joy of joys!
The cousins came while she was still here!
And now for a short video clip of Kado, showing his true determination.  Can you tell that I LOVE watching these kids grow up?  Yes.  I sort of thought that you could.

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